The Coolest Desktop Wallpaper Service on the Planet - free desktop wallpapers, widescreen, dual monitors, iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds for mobile phones, wallpaper clocks, e-cards.jpg I never thought that I would pay for something as frivolous as desktop wallpapers, but when I came across, I had a change of heart. Vlad Gerasimov, is the Picasso of the Desktop world. Although $29.99 does sound pricey, but considering that one gets lifetime access that too, to hundreds of great looking wallpapers, I’ve been able to digest the price tag, (specially since I’ve already paid). So now whenever I’m in mood for a change of scenery, using the Vladstudio Companion, I just click a button and I can change my desktop wallpaper from one great work of art to another. Since all of Vlad’s wallpapers are stunning, it’s a treat to wait and see what will grace my desktop next.   

The free version is pretty cool too. The only catch there is that Vlad has his signature to his wallpaper and some may be lo-res versions, but if you just use a single monitor setup, that may be all you need. So if you are tired with the default wallpapers that come bundled with your pc or mac (and who isn’t), go round to, download & install the VladStudio Companion and then get ready to receive Ooohs and Aaahs from all those who pass by your workstation. If you do go ahead and try out Vladstudio, do drop in a comment on how you’ve found it to be.

Below are screenshots to some of my favourite wallpapers:

200906241751.jpg 200906241751.jpg 200906241751.jpg


How to create multiple shared lists using Google Reader

I recently switched my RSS reader from Netvibes to Google Reader, and I’ve been loving it.  Behind the simple interface is a powerful set of features, that makes it a winner.

One of these features is the ability to share news items.  The simple way to share an Item in Google Reader is to click on the “Share” link that is found at the end of each post.  Once done, this item will automatically be added to the list of Shared Items, that can be seen by your friends.


But what if you want to create several different lists of Shared items.  For example, you might want to create:
* One for Colleagues at work
* One for your family
* One for your friends working on a Project

Using the ‘Tags’ feature you can create custom RSS feeds which you can then share with your friends.  This is how it can be done:

* Add an appropriate Tag to an item that you would like to share by clicking on the ‘Edit Tags’ option at the end of the item:


* If the Tag does not correspond to any folder, then you will see the tag at the end of your folder list.  The next step is to make the items on this tag public, so that an RSS feed is generated. 


* Go to Settings > Folders and Tags . Click on the RSS Image to make it Public.  You will then be able to “view Public Page” listing all the posts with the Tag.  On the right you can grab the RSS feed to share with your friends!


Yuuguu: Free Desktop sharing application

 I often get asked from friends to help them troubleshoot their PC problems. It’s not a problem if they’re sitting in front, but more often than not they’re communicating from somewhere far and that’s when you wish there’s an application out there like Yuuguu!

Well here it is! Yuuguu is a free service allowing it’s users to share each others’ desktops. It means you can view/use your friend’s PC as if you were sitting right next to them. Imagine the uses:

1. Work remotely:
You’re at home and need to login to your Office PC. With Yuuguu you can remotely logon to your PC, and interact with colleagues as though they’re next to you.

2. Web Conferencing
I’d recommend using Yuuguu with skype. It’s a great combination to give anyone a presentation remotely and also speak to them live.

3. Troubleshoot PCs
IT Admins of small businesses can trouble shoot PCs in their offices which may be in their premises or somewhere else. All you need is an internet connection.

Any more uses of Yuuguu you can think of ?

Signing up is as simple as signing up for Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk. A user can control what level of permission and share your desktops with as many users as you want!

How Small Business Owners can now, never miss that Million Dollar Idea.

Jott. Itís one heck of a brilliant idea. Itís been raved about here, here and here. Tips, tricks are being tailored for it to make it even more useful. It’s free. And I canít use it! Why, becuase itís only available in US and Canada. Hmph.

Whatís Jott? Itís this smart application that converts your mobile phone into a device that helps you remember important stuff. How? Well suppose youíre at a mall or youíre driving or just walking on the street, you pickup your cell phone, dial this one number, you hear a beep, after which you speak, ďumm by the way I must remember to buy milkÖand oh yeah also iíve got to submit that report to my boss.Ē and hangup. Within ten minutes the same message will be transcribed and emailed to you. And you know whatís so ironic? Itís that all the messages are being transcribed right here, in Bangalore. Hell they could very well be two blocks down from where Iím writing this blog post.

Ever since Iíve heard of this service, now all my good ideas come when I canít write them down.

But then hereís a thought. If all thatís required to make jott work is a place to record messages and someone to check and forward them, then all you small business owners (eg. me) who have at least a couple of staff donít need much to implement Jott in your own office. All it takes is:

– A receptionist (which you probably have)
– An additional phone line (not difficult to get)
– And an answering machine (very affordable)

Thatís it! You see, your receptionist is rarely busy from morning till evening. She gets large buckets of time throughout the day. All you need to do is leave an answering machine on an additional phone line with her. Now, each time youíve got an idea, just lift your mobile, hit a speed-dial key and just read out whatís on your mind. As soon as you have left a message, a LED shall flash on the answering machine, which signal your receptionists to hear your message and email it back to you or anybody for that matter. This doesn’t need to be avialble for the CEO or the Directors but the entire office can make use of this little setup.

A couple of examples from here on what you can use this set up for:

– Remind yourself of important things

– Record expenses

– Delegate an important tasks that you just remember to someone.

– Just got of the plane? Don’t call, just Jott your office that you’re now contactable.

This idea got me really excited. Hopefully we should have our Jott system set up by tomorrow and I canít wait to use it. Once Iíve done so, Iíll let you know how it goes.

Now, all I need is a good name for this system.

How Vakil Housing also creates a ‘Wow’ experience for itís clients.

Before even you even step into our office, you would be first greeted by the chirping sound of love birds as they cheerfully twitter away in the spacious menagerie we’ve placed just outside. And while you are are seated waiting for our Property Advisor to attend to you (which we ensure is as short as possible), weíve installed two large aquariums, for you to enjoy, each ten feet in length. One containing fresh water fish the other sea water creatures (which includes Sea Anemone, Eels and a hermit crab that keeps changing it’s shell). Oh, getting to watch these fish at feeding time is a marvel on it’s own.

At reception weíve placed a 6 feet tall board with our customer care policy printed, which boldly proclaims that when you send us an email, we respond within 24 hours (note: itís not the next working day, but 24 hours flat from any day of the week). We ensure not a single clientís bíday or anniversary goes unwished and each card is signed by one of the Directors at Vakil Housing. Infact some of our clients may have even experienced a personal greeting, when some of the Vakil Housing gang go down to the clientís office/home, holding a cake in one hand and a bouquet in the other, and while he/she cuts the cake we sing and try to make his/her day as special as possible.

At Vakil Housing we try really hard to create a ďWowĒ experience for our customers. Hence, in a small way I can relate with Appleís efforts to create an experience with their loyal customers who stood behind lines to purchase their very first iphone, as mentioned by Chanpory Rith here. Since, this took place not at their main flagship Apple Store, but at a smaller store within a mall, hence it must have been Appleís policy to make customers as comfortable as possible at all their stores. Chanpory talks about getting free rounds of Starbucks Frappucinoís & cookies while waiting, Apple employees coming out and conducting quizes giving out Apple t-shirts as gifts as spot prizes. And then when they actually finally enter the store, Apple employees gather around them cheering and applauding them and finally as they leave the store a security officer escorts them to their car. A ďWowĒ experience indeed!

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