How Small Business Owners can now, never miss that Million Dollar Idea.

Jott. It’s one heck of a brilliant idea. It’s been raved about here, here and here. Tips, tricks are being tailored for it to make it even more useful. It’s free. And I can’t use it! Why, becuase it’s only available in US and Canada. Hmph.

What’s Jott? It’s this smart application that converts your mobile phone into a device that helps you remember important stuff. How? Well suppose you’re at a mall or you’re driving or just walking on the street, you pickup your cell phone, dial this one number, you hear a beep, after which you speak, “umm by the way I must remember to buy milk” and oh yeah also i’ve got to submit that report to my boss.? and hangup. Within ten minutes the same message will be transcribed and emailed to you. And you know what?s so ironic? It?s that all the messages are being transcribed right here, in Bangalore. Hell they could very well be two blocks down from where I?m writing this blog post.

Ever since I?ve heard of this service, now all my good ideas come when I can?t write them down.

But then here?s a thought. If all that?s required to make jott work is a place to record messages and someone to check and forward them, then all you small business owners (eg. me) who have at least a couple of staff don?t need much to implement Jott in your own office. All it takes is:

– A receptionist (which you probably have)
– An additional phone line (not difficult to get)
– And an answering machine (very affordable)

That?s it! You see, your receptionist is rarely busy from morning till evening. She gets large buckets of time throughout the day. All you need to do is leave an answering machine on an additional phone line with her. Now, each time you?ve got an idea, just lift your mobile, hit a speed-dial key and just read out what?s on your mind. As soon as you have left a message, a LED shall flash on the answering machine, which signal your receptionists to hear your message and email it back to you or anybody for that matter. This doesn’t need to be avialble for the CEO or the Directors but the entire office can make use of this little setup.

A couple of examples from here on what you can use this set up for:

– Remind yourself of important things

– Record expenses

– Delegate an important tasks that you just remember to someone.

– Just got of the plane? Don’t call, just Jott your office that you’re now contactable.

This idea got me really excited. Hopefully we should have our Jott system set up by tomorrow and I can?t wait to use it. Once I?ve done so, I?ll let you know how it goes.

Now, all I need is a good name for this system.


  1. However having been a jotter for quite sometime, reading your entry was still quite inspiring to read! I’m not a business owner of any sort, so if this can move me, then you’ve done well! But yes, Jott is very very much for business as well as the average voice to texter. Especially with Jott Links out now, jott has just become that much more useful for Real Estate with the Zillow Jott Link.

  2. Hello Jim,

    Thanks for your kind comment. I had not heard of Zillow, and just had a look. That’s one snazzy Real Estate portal. You know there’s so much opportunity in India for Jott, Zillow or any such service. Anyhoo, someone will get there sooner or later and strike it rich.

    Take care,

  3. You are very welcome. Always glad to help! I’m sure Jott has international plans with Jott. I think they are just getting to the point of perfection before hand. THEN…THEN they’ll charge haha. But I’d pay for Jott anytime.

  4. You have the right idea. I use Jott because hiring somebody to transcribe is a bigger expense than I need. If I had a receptionist, it is likely I would have her transcribe messages.

    I have often thought that answering services could provide a similar service. Rather than take calls from everybody for one client to receive, they would take calls from one client only.

    I’ll check in to see how your experiment goes.

  5. Hi Shaine and other readers,

    I did this post in Sept 2007, following which we implemented our own Jott System and are successfully using it till date. Our receptionists do not have calls to take throughout the day, so are free quite often to check in the incoming messages, transcribe them and email them to the sender. So far, I think I am the major user of this system at office, however it’s available to all who would like to make use of it.

    Once a week or two, I find myself with the irresistible urge to write something down but can’t, (coz I’m driving or something) and that’s when I speed dial my office Jott number and offload my thoughts. It’s working really well for me. If anybody reading this needs help setting it up, please feel free to drop in a comment on this post and I’ll be glad to clarify the nitty-gritties.


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