The Coolest Desktop Wallpaper Service on the Planet - free desktop wallpapers, widescreen, dual monitors, iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds for mobile phones, wallpaper clocks, e-cards.jpg I never thought that I would pay for something as frivolous as desktop wallpapers, but when I came across, I had a change of heart. Vlad Gerasimov, is the Picasso of the Desktop world. Although $29.99 does sound pricey, but considering that one gets lifetime access that too, to hundreds of great looking wallpapers, I’ve been able to digest the price tag, (specially since I’ve already paid). So now whenever I’m in mood for a change of scenery, using the Vladstudio Companion, I just click a button and I can change my desktop wallpaper from one great work of art to another. Since all of Vlad’s wallpapers are stunning, it’s a treat to wait and see what will grace my desktop next.   

The free version is pretty cool too. The only catch there is that Vlad has his signature to his wallpaper and some may be lo-res versions, but if you just use a single monitor setup, that may be all you need. So if you are tired with the default wallpapers that come bundled with your pc or mac (and who isn’t), go round to, download & install the VladStudio Companion and then get ready to receive Ooohs and Aaahs from all those who pass by your workstation. If you do go ahead and try out Vladstudio, do drop in a comment on how you’ve found it to be.

Below are screenshots to some of my favourite wallpapers:

200906241751.jpg 200906241751.jpg 200906241751.jpg


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