A Prestigous House Warming Gift

In our line of work we often get so busy with our daily tasks and assignments, that sometimes it does get difficult to track what our competition is up to. However, earlier this week we happen came across a House Warming Gift that Prestige (a competitor & one of the leading builders in the city) gives to the proud owners of one of their projects – the Prestige St. John’s Woods. Boy, were we impressed!

Beautifully packed in this lovely wooden box, are two elegang key-chains, a key pouch, a personal organisor with certain do’s and dont’s for the property (honestly this one we too were in the process of doing for one of our properties, but they beat us to the execution), and here’re the gems few pouches of seeds for those who’ve a small garden in their flat (and an itching green thumb) and a couple of postcards for those who’d like to show-off their new flat. Now, although each and every item in the house-warming gift is shamelessly branded with the Prestige/St. John’s Woods logo, it’s done with so much class that, boy does it look good.

Here are some pics:

Nice one, guys!


  1. Even IDEB did something similar for the Springfields apartment owners (Sarjapur Road) when they moved into their new flats!

  2. I think every Builder should follow their footsteps, but with little bit less Advertising(or In Prestigious words Branding)

  3. Irfan? who Irfan? I don’t recall any Irfan.

    Irfan bhai, kya baat kar rahay ho…man ofcourse I remember you. I’m So, how’s life in UK. It’s certainly been a while since we’ve heard from you. Any chance of coming down to Bangalore?

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