Our Recommendations

Here’s a list of our recommendations. Starting with books, we’ll be adding more (apps, online courses, services) to this list over time.



Getting Things Done
My all time #1 book on personal productivity. GTD has changed my life in more ways than I could imagine. My journey with GTD led me to become a Master Trainer & Coach. The beauty of GTD is in it’s simplicity. Check out my post “20 Things GTD is Not” on the official GTD site

How to take smart notes
This book is not just about taking notes. It’s about storing your notes in a way that results in a network of your insights. This way you’re never faced with a blank page when writing. All you have to do is dip into that network, and use your insights to build an interesting point of view.

The ONE Thing
The book is all about focus. The key tip in this book is to prioritize on the most important thing by regularly asking this question: What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Brain Chains
It’s a long book but easy to read and engaging. It’s based on several studies how the distractions from phones, email & social media are dumming us down. As soon as I put this book down, I went on an information diet.

Atomic Habits
The best book on making or breaking habits.

Organization Structure & Management

Holacracy is a self-management practice for purpose-driven organizations. Reading this book changed the way I looked at structuring organizations. It’s faced some flak in its early days, but it’s on its path of maturity. And I predict it’s soon going to be the gold standard of running an organization. Once you start practicing Holacracy you’ll realize is the only management book you really need. The rest is commentary.

Scaling Up
Great tips for startups to scale their business. I got introduced to this book when I met the author Verne Harnish in Bangalore.

Exponential Organizations
Today’s technology has made it possible for organizations to grow exponentially. Salim distills the elements that make an organization grow exponentially.

Reinventing Organizations
We’re witnessing an evolutionary step in how organizations are structured & managed. This book tracks organizations that have taken this leap & details what makes them different.

Profit First
This book can be summarized in one formula. Sales – Profit = Expenses. Take out your profit before you spend on your business.


The Fourth Economy
Using the Theory of Constraints, Ron Davison maps out the limits to progress through the various stages of Western Civilization. We’ve entered the 4th economy and entreprenuership is the new limit of progress. This book gave me new lens on how I looked at the world.

The End of Power
My best book on the subject of Power. How the role of power in today’s world is changing.

The Inevitable
I try to read everything written by Kevin Kelly. It’s a guide through the twelve technological trends that will shape the next thirty years and transform our lives.

The Internet of Money
A collection of talks by Autonopolous who has a gift of simplifying how blockchain and bitcoin is changing the world.

Thinking in Systems
Systems thinking is going to be a crucial skill. This book is a great place to start.

Marketing, Copy-writing & Art

80/20 Sales & Marketing
Applies the 80/20 principle to Sales & Marketing. Shows what is the 20% you can focus on to get 80% of the results in the Sales & Marketing of your business.

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
Even if you don’t write sales copy, you can still benefit from this book. Legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman shares his secrets on writing persuasively. 

Making Comics
A comic book on making comics. Lifts the veil on how comics are made. This book gave me confidence of creating my own comics (see Sufi Comics).

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci
This book encouraged me to get into drawing. Drawing is not just about using your hands well, it’s all about observation. 

The Golden Theme
A collection of short essays on the art of storytelling. Though it’s aimed towards screenwriters, the principles apply to all kinds of storytelling. You’l learn what makes a story great.

Steal Like an Artist
Great Artists Steal. This book is all about how to steal like an artist. My favorite tip: Creativity Is Subtraction.

A relatively unknown book, but a must read for any aspiring blogger. It gives you the mindset you need to become an authentic blogger.

Self-help & Relationships

Liminal Thinking
It’s about how we need to get out of our bubbles to open our thinking to new perspectives. Check out this video by the author that summarizes the book.

Non-Violent Communication
I think about the principles of this book almost everyday. Helps you to navigate difficult & emotionally charged conversations. Not just with others, but also with yourself.

True Purpose
The best book on discovering your purpose.

How to fail at almost everything and still win big
Instead of trying to be successful, focus on systems and success will emerge.

The 5 Love Languages
Broadens your perspective on the different ways humans express love. The awareness helps us to speak the appropriate language with your loved ones.