The Google Maps of India

I was really surprised to see this site! Inshort, it’s like the Google Maps for India. MapMyIndia allows the user to search any place on the map of India by entering the location details. eg:

“S block, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi”

It’s not there yet, ’cause when I tried entering the Vakil Housing office address, it just recognised the ‘bangalore’ in it. But nonetheless it’s a great start, with some cool Ajax features like dragging the map & zooming! Some of the other features available:

* When browsing a city or town it shows the popular places to visit.
* Registered users can create & save their locations. (e-locations)
* Right click to see driving directions from

Below is the location of our office which I’ve marked with a blue indicator (e-location):

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  1. Thanks to your Blog, I found this link. It is really great to see such a website mapping corners of india.

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