Beyond fear lies LIFE!


When you wait for all your doubts to clear. When you refuse to take action unless and until you have the information needed to take an unequivocally “correct” decision, you close yourself to possibilities.

You are so focused on the vibration of “Not”… “Not taking a chance” “Not going to be humiliated”  “Not going to feel powerless” that you forget all about the ‘Hell-Yeah!’.

Hell-Yeah! I’ll take that chance!

Hell-Yeah! I’m going to chase my Dream!

Hell-Yeah! I’m going to try and if I fail, so be it!  

Because the purpose of life is GROWTH.  And the Growth comes with the failure.  Not nervously sitting in the side lines, twiddling your thumbs, shaking your legs, saying “Oh I wish!”

If life was meant to be lived cautiously from a manual, we would come programmed with instructions. The very fact that life is full of experiments should give you an idea of how it should be enjoyed.

Take that leap today! Go do something you have felt was “beyond your comfort zone”. Expand your idea of what is doable. The only way to make sure you always win is to take the plunge.

Some Gems to Egg You On: 

In case you need inspiration, here are pearls of wisdom from some of the greatest minds of our time.

Carpe Diem!!

“Everybody knows if you are too careful you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something.”Gertrude Stein

“The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.” –  Alfred Adler

“Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform.” –  Susan B. Anthony

“You can’t test courage cautiously.”Annie Dillard

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.  All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make, the better.” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea.”Thomas Fuller, M.D.

“Life is made up of a series of judgments on insufficient data and if we waited to run down all our doubts, it would flow past us.”Learned Hand

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”Helen Keller

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.”J. K. Rowling

“If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?”Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“Don’t play for safety.  It’s the most dangerous thing in the world.”Hugh Walpole

PS: I got these quotes from Dr. Mardy’s Newsletter. A subscription which in my opinion will enrich your inbox.

2015: The year of GTD.

Happ 2016 edited

Did you see it?  

If you blinked, you probably missed it.  2015.  

It just passed by. Making  a loud whooshing sound too.

Time!  It’s oh so fleeting.  Just one look at old picture albums sends you reeling down the memory rabbit hole. Reminiscing of what once was.  

Thank God for Birthdays, Anniversaries and New years.  They stop us dead in our tracks and give us the chance and ask ourselves, “Uhhh what the heck just happened?  How did I get here?  Where am I?  Hell, who am I?  Where am I headed?”

Tough questions. Questions for which if you find the answer before you die, you’re probably on the fast-track.  

2015 Will Always Be the GTD Milestone Year:

The 2015 chapter of my life book is titled GTD.  One of the highlights of the past year has been partnering with The David Allen Company to conduct GTD trainings here in India, under our latest venture Calm Achiever.

GTD has become  way of life for me and Ali.  We were first exposed to it over 10 years ago.  And once we had a taste of it, by God there was no turning back!

Oh How I wish I could get you to experience what it feels like to have nothing on your mind.  I mean nothing.

You see, right now you don’t really have any idea of how severely overstretched your mental capacity is. It’s literally a blizzard of ‘stuff’ burying you with its oppression!  But you are so used to it, perhaps addicted to it, that you don’t realise it.  I can just trigger that stress and anxiety by asking,

“Um…so is there anything on your mind?  Anything that you have to do that is not done yet?  Any calls to make, emails to send, groceries to buy, reports to right, people to get back to?

And off you will go on a HUGE guilt trip!  You’ll feel a sense of stress, anxiety and overwhelm all at once.  

Well don’t feel too bad.  That’s how EVERYBODY in the world functions.  Even the smartest, brightest, most effective efficient people on the planet run on anxiety.  “Oh Damn! That’s not done yet…rush rush rush.  Oops, now that reminds me to…oh, by the way let me make a quick call….I’ll do that while I send that email…on and on and on.”

That Sucks Right? But There is a Cure!

What if I told you that there is a way out of this “Busy Trap”.  So that you have nothing on your mind.  Except for the one thing that you are focusing on.  Wouldn’t you like to know how?

Well that’s what me and Ali have been propagating and training for the past year.  Oh boy, does the system work!

One just has to follow the 1, 2, 3 step by step process. And poof!  Viola!  You are in your ‘productive’ zone.  You are focussed on the thing that you intuitionally know will get you the maximum bang for your buck in the moment and nothing can distract you.

And if something does try to intrude, you know how to handle it and boom you’re back in that magical space again.

Get to Know GTD Better:

There’s tonnes of GTD material that we’ve written on this blog.  There is more current material on our Calm Achiever website as well.  I would strongly encourage you to access our Five Part Free Productivity Series and automatically get on the Calm Achiever newsletter list for regular updates.

However, if you would like us to take you by the hand and show you the methodology, the secret sauce, on how to get control when overwhelmed, you have to attend a live workshop.


We have had rave reviews and people have felt profound shifts right in class!  And lucky for you we are organising our 9th GTD Workshop at the end of the month.  

You can learn more about this great (and discounted) opportunity here.  

It would be great to have you over.  Meanwhile, if you have any doubts, questions about GTD.  Feel free to write in the comments section below. We will be happy to respond.


PS: Blogging after this interminable hiatus feels so GREAT! No promises but will try and be more regular with my musings. :)

Journaling 101: How I Got Started and What Can You Journal About


 Photo credit: Kaizen Journaling

You either journal or you don’t. And if you don’t, it is likely you would very much like to develop the habit. There is something very attractive about the idea of putting down our innermost thoughts, feelings and desires to paper. It somehow leaves us more enriched and gives our busy day a neat conclusion.
Journaling impacted me early on. Adventurous and resourceful characters like Doogie Howser, the teenage physician and the inimitable Mr. Belvedere ended their day with their musings. Sometimes profound, sometimes witty, their entries always brought a smile to my lips.
And who can forget the ‘Captain Log’ maintained by Starfleet officer Jean Luc Picard. The truth is, from Benjamin Franklin to the solitary genius Leornardo Di Caprio; great men and women have frequently maintained journals (or diaries) to self-reflect.

The allure of a journal

Journaling is sacred time. Something about the idea of distancing oneself from hustle and bustle to write about the day gone by is romantic to say the least. It makes one feel spiritually sophisticated.

I am no different. I have repeatedly tried to establish some sort of ‘me’ time routine. I have used physical diaries and digital notepads. I have written heaps and I have practised brevity. But something has always thrown a wrench in the works. I have started strong and then lost my momentum bringing my grand journaling plans to a grinding halt. Until recently that is…

Thankfully stepping into this brand new year I have been a good little journaling boy scout for more than 40 days. And you know what they say about forming a new habit. All it takes is 3-4 weeks. : )
So I understand it may be easy to just ‘let it slip’. After all no one is likely to pay you for your efforts or have a life changing epiphany thanks to your musings. But the steady habit of journaling matters. And you will see why.

What took me so long?

Now that I realize the benefits of maintaining a regular journal, I do wish I could have started much earlier. I believe that the trio of these pitfalls held me back:

– No fixed ‘journaling’ routine. It had always been an ‘as and when I get time’ affair.
– No guidelines as to what I should write about. I thought journaling stands for keeping a log of monumental events. What if there was nothing significant to commit to paper? Then what?
– No nagging feeling of loss if I didn’t journal. It was a ‘cool’ thing to do with some vague rewards attached. I didn’t really have the genuine impetus to do it.

From erratic to consistent

Consistency came when I understood the true importance of maintaining a diary as it pertains to my life. And the potential losses if I didn’t stick to the routine! It was quite a self-revelation. Incidentally a little plugin had a lot to do with it.

• I gave myself the gift of time when I installed the Gmail Pause plugin! If you do not know what it is capable of doing, you need to read this post by Ali. Trust me it will completely get rid of your wasteful email obsession.

• Naturally without ‘mail addiction’ I could think straight. I focused on my life and my habits in particular. I have always been an advocate of being productive. So I am no stranger to the importance of a morning ritual. Well considering our lifestyle of stress and competition, I think it is equally important to ‘calm’ and ‘relax’ oneself with a familiar ritual before winding down for the night. Leo Babuta talks about it in his book ‘The Power of Less’.

The philosophy hit home! I was so used to dancing to the tune of my inbox. Checking mails and surfing the web incessantly and then scrambling to get a pending ‘to-do’ task done! Needless to say, I would be utterly exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow. And that isn’t a nice feeling. However thanks to the trusty Gmail Pause application, my day now closes with the simple three step ritual:

– Checking my ‘To-Do’ list for the last few pending tasks I can attend.
– Either completing them or deferring them for the date I can attend to them.
– Then settling in with my journaling

With a definite ‘when’ one part of the trifecta that kept derailing me was eliminated.

• The next two also disappeared when I stumbled upon this beautiful quote from ‘A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I learned while editing my life’ by Donald Miller.

“THE SADDEST THING about life is you don’t remember half of it. You don’t even remember half of half of it. Not even a tiny percentage, if you want to know the truth. I have this friend Bob who writes down everything he remembers. If he remembers dropping an ice cream cone on his lap when he was seven, he’ll write it down. The last time I talked to Bob, he had written more than five hundred pages of memories. He’s the only guy I know who remembers his life. He said he captures memories, because if he forgets them, it’s as though they didn’t happen; it’s as though he hadn’t lived the parts he doesn’t remember.”

It is painfully true. I remember only a handful of high tension, high emotion highlights of my life. The hundreds of tiny incidents which have shaped me as a man have been rubbed clean from my mental slate. I decided then and there that I wanted to retain more of what I was doing and the impact I was creating on my family and society. And before I knew it, the desire to journal had crystallized into determination.

What to journal about?

The things that make you happy and grateful! Journaling is giving your memories a permanent home. It is a ‘vehicle for mindfulness’. It doesn’t matter how bland or eventful the day was, write down anything and everything you want to recall. The big and the small. What did you learn today? Did you have a moment of bliss? Who made you smile? Journal randomly!
Or if that seems to go against your nature, you can rely on Michael Hyatt’s template.

Journal for yourself and yourself only:

Written by Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative is the handbook for being brilliant. And you can borrow from it to grow the much needed journalling confidence. Many of us shrink away from this great tool just because we feel we can’t create ‘publish’ worthy work. Guess what? You aren’t going to share your journal with the world. Because if you do, you may start moderating your own feelings and experiences! Journaling is the mask of anonymity you wear to shout out the truth. Keep it that way.
Following The Accidental Creative principles, I tend to:
• Write fast and without too much preparation to allow my natural style to shine through.
• Work against a time limit! Don’t sit with a blank page for hours. Urgency is important. At least when you are forming your habit. As you evolve into a journaling pro, you can break the rules.
• Write the way I think. I do not try and channel my favourite author. It’s just my voice walking me through another precious day I may like to remember 5 years down the line.

What you write isn’t important. Simply writing is!

Charles Duhigg, author of ‘The Power of Habit‘ says something really powerful. He tells us that writing a thought, is far more important than the actual words used. The mere fact that you take time out to put your words down, even if they are just partially relevant, strengthens recall of feelings and memories at a later date.
So if have had an emotional and stressful day and in your journal you simply jot “emotional and stressful” and nothing else,  those three words can still help you remember the details that would otherwise be lost forever.

Journalling is an act of closure. It gives you a sense of peace and some beautiful moments to look back upon. So when are you going to start? The best time was 20 years ago. The next best is right now!


What do British Airways, Finnair and Lufthansa have in common?

They’re all courting and wooing Indians!

First it was the hostesses at British Airways Airlines who joined their hands to greet us in a namaste. The Fins took it a step further and did an entire dance in celebration of Indian Republic Day. Lastly, Luftansa joined the bandwagon, assuring us that they are “more Indian than you think”.

Gosh, not sure what to make of it. It’s flattering nonetheless. Anyway, have a look at the below promotions of the three airlines:

Why I love ILM Montessori

Our glowing signboard

Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford, is inspiring. I’ve watched it a couple of times. A line that stood out for me is when Steve says, “I was lucky — I found what I loved to do early in life.”

Well friends, now, I’ve gotten lucky too.

Since December 2012, I have involved myself in a passionate project. A project that has taken over every single waking moment. This is not like the flings that I have had in the past. In fact it’s like falling in love all over again. It’s deeper than that. It’s love with a purpose, a higher purpose.

Oh how much I love learning and how much I love teaching. I’ve covered the walls of my office with books. I’m constantly consuming content. While having lunch, or driving to work even when working out at my gym, I’m always listening or watching a lecture (an occasional movie). (On a side note, these days, I use several techniques, tips, tricks to speed up the rate of which I consume material, but that’s a story for another blog post).

It’s when I’m learning that I am the happiest. The only thing that makes me happier than gobbling up books and videos, is by serving content instead. Hence, I love writing,I love drawing and i love delivering the occasional speech too.

Schooling was a dream project since…since…well since I was in school. As a school boy, I remember overseeing my principal making the bus schedule and I was mentally making notes on how he was going about it.

Even today, walking through any school hallways, observing classrooms I’m in awe. The transformation that’s taking place in classrooms. In every class, there’s the teacher. Impacting the the lives of generations.

Life gifted me with amazing teachers. (Even today God has blessed me with an amazing teacher/mentor). The golden lessons I learnt at school then, I teach my kids today. While whispering a silent prayer to my educators.

Launching ILM Montessori:

An impulsive phone call led myself and seven other also passionate friends to get into a conference room. This was around the Christmas of 2012.

We poured our hearts out at one marathon meeting after another. Week after week, midnight after midnight, we clarified our vision. We went to the depths of the question why we wanted to start a school in the first place. We finally were as specific as we could be to what we wanted and what we didn’t.

We had clarity, took the plunge and committed to a property where our children would study. Our dream was on its way to become reality. And as of today, it’s turning out way better than we had imagined!

With tremouondous excitement and a fair dollop of nervousness we launched ILM Montessori and began our academic year on 18 June 2012. It has been heaven since then.

Our Journey so far:
We’ve been documenting our journey at our blog. Here are some of our high points:

We hosted the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exams
– We received heart-warming testimonials from our parents. Watch them here.
– We’ve documented our learnings into our hit report. How to select a Preschool for your child.
– Currently we are preparing and rehearsing for our Annual day celebration.

Why I love ILM Montessori

Gosh, I love this project.  However, it’s not always been smooth sailing.  We’ve had our share of downs.  But even when setbacks hit, we do what it takes to get up and get rolling again. I often reflect why am I so attached to this project/venture then others.  Clear reasons surface.

1. The purity and selflessness at ILM Montessori: One of the reasons why we wanted to start our own school is because of the rampant commercialisation of education. In a commercial educational venture there’s always the possibility of self-interest taking over the interest of the school or children. ILM Montessori is a non-profit venture. The trustees have no profitable stake in it whatsoever. So why are we still so involved, it’s not for they money, it’s because we are in love with ILM. We do charge close to commercial rates. We do that so we can give our savings back to the school in terms of better salaries, better infrastructure and better facilities.

2. Working with an amazing diverse group:
Working with our group of Trustees. Every meeting of ours I feel even more motivated and charged towards the project. My daughter studies at ILM Montessori. She does so because I want to put her in a school where it is these people who are in charge. I have complete confidence in their integrity, sincerity and passion. There’s magic when working with a group of skilled, motivated, sincere individuals. At times that’s all on needs. Other perks begin to seem trivial.

3. The immense intangible reward of the project itself:
During my day job I’m involved with a team to create and sell homes and office spaces. Seeing a real-estate project come to life has it’s thrills. But it’s no comparison against crafting beautiful minds, shaping purposeful lives and working on changing the world for a better tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned, I have had amazing teachers. I can do the things that I do, because of my teachers. I am the person I am, because of my teachers. Here’s a chance for me to be part of that great tradition and help give a little back.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones:

To paraphrase another Steve Jobs quote. In one of his last ever interviews Steve speaks about the secret of success.

He says if you look at those who have been successful, a quality that they all have is that they are insanely passionate about what they do. That passion helps them when the going gets tough. Because when things are really difficult, a sane person would do the most obvious natural expected thing. He would quit. Why, because he is sane.

It’s the crazy passionate individual who pushes through. Because he’s not in it for the money. He’s not it for they glory. He’s doing it because that’s all that he loves doing. It is he who is often successful.

We’re open for Admissions:

We started our school with just Pre-Primary. Now, in the forthcoming academic year we are beginning the Primary section of our school. We’re great believers in the beauty and elegance of the Montessori system. For the first three Primary years we will continue to follow the Montessori methodology. Do wish us luck and Please pray for our success.

Visit our Blog here to see what we’ve been upto at ILM Montessori:
Do Like our Facebook Page here:
You can download a pdf of our brochure here:

Finally, I’ve included a few pics from our photo gallery below.
Have a glimpse of our wonderful ILM Montessori:


ILM Boys having a Great time!

Girls just wanna have fun!

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