What are you Grateful for?

There’s the story of a mother. A mother who would always be grateful no matter what. 

One day her son comes over and hands her, his report card. It was perhaps the worst report card any child could give a parent. His dear mother looks at the report card. Looks over it again and again. She doesn’t remove her eyes from the poor marks on the report.

After minutes of deafening silence, his mother finally speaks,

"Son, I’m really grateful. 
In fact I’m even a bit proud of you. 
Because this report shows me that you don’t cheat.”

For many of you reading this blog, it’s still a difficult period. Work, family, relationships, everything is being tested. When overwhelmed with challenges, it’s easy to overlook the infinite blessings in our lives. 

We can be so focused on what’s broken, that we don’t notice what has been working all along. 

To notice, be aware and reflect on the grace in our lives is a practice that can keep us grounded. Centre us. Bring balance to our perspective. 

More than likely it can make us see that our challenges are actually much smaller than they appear.

Here’s a list of some things that I’m grateful for:

– Parents

Receive a father’s hug or a mother’s kiss and you’ve received the world with all the goodness in it. Nothing else needed.

– Peace

There are several parts of the world that are war-torn and ravaged. I live in a place of Peace and security. I am grateful for that.

– Sleeping Full

Sometimes my trousers hug me tighter than I’d like. It’s because I get to sleep full every single night. I am grateful for that.

– Respect

I have respect and honour amongst folks. Even though in my heart I know that I am not always worthy of it. I am grateful for the status I receive.

– Sincere friends

Diogenes went with an oil lamp looking for an honest man. Likewise true, sincere friends are a rarity. I am fortunate and grateful to have several friends that I can call upon.

– A purpose

So many move in this world aimlessly. Confused and bewildered, on why are they here. Nothing gives them lasting satisfaction. Continuously asking, “What is the point of it all?” I am clear on my purpose. On my higher calling. A direction to to strive for and achieve. I am so grateful for that!

– Children

“The soul is healed by being with children” ~ Fyodor Dostevsky. 

I’m truly grateful for the two little angels that flutter about in my house. Just their mere presence is a reminder for me not to take life to seriously. And that one can always find laughter.

– Struggle & Challenges

I’m grateful for my the struggles and challenges in my life. When they get overwhelming I complain, fret and worry. But I have to admit it’s only when a burden is put on me that I muster the strength and I grow.

– Health

“A healthy man wants a thousand things. A sick man only wants one.” ~ Confucius

My body is more intricate, delicate and complex than any device on the planet. And I take it’s flawless functioning for granted. It can take a mere blood clot to paralyse me. The fact that I have control of my limbs that do my bidding, organs that carry on with their function (without me reminding or even aware of them) is a mighty blessing that I’m immensely grateful for.

– Access to Infinite Learning

We live in an era that we have access to learn anything. Elon Musk, learnt to fly a rocket via books.  And that actually IS ROCKET SCIENCE! If there is something I don’t know, I can go out and learn it, apply it, even master it. I’m grateful to be living in a time when this is possible.

Do any of these resonate with you? Do reply back and share, what are some of the things that you are grateful for? 

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