Pre-Birth experience, the Choice & the Veil

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Definition: Unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis. Those relating to spirituality or mysticism.

Ever since I’ve heard Christian Sundberg, it’s been on my mind to share it with you.

If you’re repulsed by the idea of a pre-life, you might as well stop reading here. Just go ahead, move forward to the next blog post. If you’re intrigued, follow me and we’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

If I heard this talk some time ago, I may have not given it a second look. I might even have brushed it off as bunkum or blasphemy.

But, there is something about Christian’s sincere, calm demeanour as he relates his memory. His memory of existence prior to this. His pre-life experience, if you will.  

I find it in harmony with my reading of spiritual texts and mostly my experience of existence in this realm.

In this talk, Christian relates of his sharp, vivid memories of existing as a spiritual being prior to living in this realm.  He shares that he “chose” to come here.  We all did.  And that coming here is a precious, rare opportunity that very few are granted.  That he came here with a purpose. And he (as well as all of us) willingly chose “a veil” to forget our experience in the past life.

Christian goes into intriguing detail of his Pre-life experience. Interaction with other beings. The presence of Guides.  Choosing to accept “The Veil”. Choosing our characteristics, even choosing the specific challenges of our life circumstances! I don’t want to share anymore as it’ll ruin the experience for you, in hearing him first hand.

The reasons this talk reflected with me is:

  • There is a practicality to it. It deepened my spiritual experience on this planet. I connect further to my soul and disconnect with my material self.
  • I was reminded, how connected we all are. We are all souls, who’ve chosen to come here, yearning for growth and fulfilment, trying to attain that growth with the limited faculties we chose. Think about that, next time you read about a tragic incident in the news or when someone cuts you off at the traffic signal, or when you’re sitting beside a stranger at a hospital.
  • Hearing this talk reminded me of how inconsequential our achievements and material possessions are. While we know we will leave it all behind, yet how conscious are we of this as we wake up and go about our day. Hearing it from Christian, put a new lens to view reality. And make decisions accordingly. 
  • What matters is our decisions and how it shapes our souls. How we get lost in the material when making decisions. Whereas the “Soul” should be the focus of our decision criteria. After all, that is the purpose of why we are here. To face challenges and grow from it.
  • At a personal level, his experience explains the many traditions I have read in Islamic texts (Choosing to come to this realm, accepting The Veil, growth of the Soul)

If you’re intrigued enough, go ahead and hear Christian Sundberg below relate his fascinating journey of Life between Lives.

Ps. There is one little thing that irks me (& excites me) of Christan’s talk. But this post has become long enough. If you’re keen to know, reply in the comments section and I’ll share more of my thoughts.

An astounding story of life between lives

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