The most important exercise we do each year.

~ Michael Altshuler
~ Michael Altshuler

How has 2021 been for you? For me, if there is one word that describes 2021 it is – Bewildering.  I’ve had wins, I’ve had losses and most of all I’ve had lots and lots of surprises. 

This year I really had to introspect. Look deep within myself. I had to re-orient myself as to what I really want. What keeps me meaningfully engaged? Where is my True North? What do I want for my children? What will provide me with sufficient income for me and my family? 

As the year ends, I’m looking forward to doing the MOST IMPORTANT exercise that I do every year. An exercise that I have been doing for the last 11 years. 

If you’re a regular reader you probably know about it already. I call it: Design Your Year – 2022

Completing the Design Your Year exercise, helps me set the direction for 2022. It helps put a vision in place for the year. 

Once I have a vision in place. I can then chart my ship towards the right course. Yes, there will be storms and tidal waves. Some days the water will be smooth. Other days the water will be choppy. But in every scenario, I am not lost. I am not confused. I will always have a destination to orient myself towards. 

Does doing the Design Your Year exercise guarantee that’s how one’s year will turn out? Of course not. But the more intentional I am about my future, the greater chances I have of achieving it. 

This process sets the rhythm, the pace and the direction for the year to come.

At the Design Your Year exercise:

  • We reflect on how the year has gone by
  • Then plan and design how we would want 2022 to look. 

This activity has been key to the breakthroughs we’ve experienced in our business and personal lives.

You can join us at this year’s Design Your Year workshop.


Days: The workshop is being offered over a period of 3 days: 20th, 21st & 22nd Dec (Mon, Tue & Wed).

Time: Two hours each day. 3pm to 5pm IST.

Location: It will take place on Zoom. So you can attend it no matter which part of the world you’re in.

This exercise WILL get you to a Flying Start into 2022. We’ve had a good number of registrations already. Looking forward to you joining us too!

Click here to register for Design your Year 2022.

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