Change what you do. Change how you feel.

Hello everybody,

Here are my thoughts for this blog:

“You’re a human doing…not a human being”.

Think about it. You can’t help but ‘Do’. You’re always, always, ALWAYS doing something. You are always spending energy, burning calories, moving something. Changing something.  

You are in constant motion. Try to be still. Go on, try it.

You can’t!  

Even if you could be physically still, (oops you blinked), your mind is hopeless at it. Your thoughts are racing away. Reminding you of all the things you haven’t done but have to do.  Or perhaps just reminiscing of the days prior to annoying, self-righteous emails.

Or you might be the enlightened sort. You may be present with your thoughts.  Watching them as fluffy clouds passing by.  Perhaps every once in a while acknowledging them.  But observe….you’re still DOING that!

You are never doing nothing. You’re ‘doing’ sleep, ‘doing’ meditation.

”It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do nothing. So next time, when someone replies to you, “Oh, I’m doing nothing”. They’re Lying!

So What?

Well, the so what, is this…If you’re feeling guilt, regret, anxiety frustration. It’s probably because…you’re not doing, ‘what you’re supposed to be doing’.

Common sense…but think of it this way:

Since you’re always in a state of ‘doing’, just change what you’re doing. You’re going to be ‘doing’ something anyway. Might as well be ‘doing’ that which gets you to higher states of excitement, energy and gratefulness.

Change what you do. 

Change how you feel. 

That’s why I (and the rest of the planet) are attracted to GTD® so much. David Allen has algorithm-ised, this very process.  

David asks us first to pay attention to what has your attention. Just notice that you’re off.  You’re uncomfortable. Uneasy. You sense a disturbance in the Force. And it’s bothering you.  Then ask yourself: What is it?

When you know that, then ask: What’s the Desired Outcome here? What would you like the situation to look like?

After that ask, What’s the Next Action? What’s the very next step that will take you forward towards a more harmonious state?

Identify those next steps (it might be a phone-call, a conversation, a call to a meeting). Begin moving forward. Just the very act of taking those concrete steps, tears you away from a ‘victimised, helpless-princess’ state of mind to one where you’re action oriented. Where you take charge of your world.

Regardless of the outcome, you’re empowered.  You begin to feel Awesome about yourself. Carry on with this process. 

Keep asking yourself :-

  • What has my Attention
  • What’s my Desired Outcome
  • What’s my Next Action

And you’ll see yourself continuously creating a world that aligns with your higher visions and purpose. After all you’re a Human Doing…So Do with Purpose.

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