Our experience at the Landmark Forum


We’ve been through a real mind trip last week. We attended the Landmark Advanced Course and damn is it something!

If you’re in US or India, you MUST have heard of the Landmark Forum course. Probably several times. After all, their whole MO is to get Forum Participants to reach out to their network and invite them to register for the course.

I’ll hope to write more about it but for now here are my top three highlights from the Landmark Forum and the Landmark Advanced Courses:

Take back 1: Regaining Loss of Power, Loss of Freedom and Loss of Self Expression

Is there something that you need to say to someone but don’t have the courage to? Do you feel powerless against someone or some group?

It’s very likely that you are running a “Racket”, i.e. You are being inauthentic about your Lack of Power, Freedom and Self Expression so that:

  • You get to be Right
  • You are Justified in your action
  • You get to Win

While the truth is that you just want to Avoid Responsibility. As a result, what do you lose? You lose out on

  • Love
  • Self-expression
  • True Fulfilment

You lose out on BEING ALIVE!

As long as we’re in this material world, we will continue to run some Racket in our life. The question is how swift are we at recognising those Rackets? Owning them and then being authentic to get back at actually Living. (Not merely surviving).

Take back 2: I am the Group

I have always thought of myself as a relatively Selfless person. That I’m empathetic and care about others.

I have now woken up as to how Selfish I truly am. I now see how many times I would just shrug my shoulders and say, “that’s not my problem”.

Whereas it’s ALL my problem. Any group that I am part of:

  • My family
  • My Community
  • My city, nation, universe…it’s ALL MY PROBLEM.

Of course, there’s nothing new here. You probably know this already. At some level, I did too. But the Landmark course helped me internalise this and make decisions from standing from the place that “I am the Group.”

Take back 3: Standing from the World of Enrollment.

This is something that I have not gained from any book I’ve read or course I have attended. And that’s Enrollment.

What’s Enrollment?

It’s Standing from a place that leaves you and those around you, Touched, Moved or Inspired.

Think Mahatma Gandhi, taking a stand saying that we’ll free India from the British…or think of Robert Kennedy, taking a stand that we’re going to the moon in this decade.

Enrollment is not something that has a specific definition or formula, yet there is space that one can stand from. Enrollment requires Radical Authenticity. Requires one to put himself and his interests & his reputation at stake. For a purpose that he sees and from a space where “he is the Group”.

When Enrollment is present there is Aliveness. There is Empowerment. People want to act because it fulfils them. It is consistent with who they are.

Do I recommend the Landmark Forum course? Yes! There are caveats though. One of them is that there’s a lot of sleazy selling involved. Although now I see where they’re coming from. Some of them truly believe in the transformation and are taking a stand (from the World of Enrollment and “I am the Group”). While others get caught in that frenzy and do the same. Those are just smarmy and annoying.

That said, I’m super fortunate that I attended. The Forum Leaders are extraordinary Trainers and Coaches.

So yeah… give it a go!

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