GTD for Beginners (Video Series) + Arif & Ali Picks (Video Series)

Arif & Ali Vakil


How have you been? We’ve been okay. All’s well at the Vakil household. 

Over the last few months, I’ve taken on creating and posting videos on YouTube. 

The seed for this idea was planted when I heard Naval’s brilliant podcast on How to get Rich without getting Lucky. In which, he explains that Code and Media are the two new forms of leverage that are available to us now.  (Old forms of leverage being Capital and Labour.) And how good pieces of Code (apps/websites) and valuable forms of Media (useful Youtube videos) can leverage your existing profile and business.

So at our channel Calm Achiever, we’ll be posting videos on GTD, Holacracy, NonViolent Communication (NVC) as well as just thoughts, ideas, systems and processes, life hacks, books, movies that we dabble with.

To date, we’ve published 6 videos. We hope to ramp those numbers up fast.

Currently publishing two series of videos:

1. GTD For Beginners

Friends & family often ask me What is GTD. And it’s difficult to answer in a precise, pithy manner.  So if you want to know what’s GTD and want to get your feet wet with it, then this is a good place to start.

2. Arif & Ali Picks

Ali and I constantly come across some brilliant books, movies and apps, which we’ll be recommending in this series.

So yeah, that’s about it! Hope you guys benefit from the videos. If you believe so too, please drop a comment or two. It always feels great to be validated.

Keep smiling,

Arif & Ali

GTD for Beginners

A really common question I get asked is for help with Filing. In this video I take you through my Filing system. How I file my papers GTD Style.

How to file papers, GTD® Style

This is Episode 4 of our series, GTD for Beginners. You may watch previous episodes here.

GTD® for Beginners – Episode 4 (Clarify)

Arif & Ali Picks

In our first episode of Arif & Ali picks, I review Trevor Noah’s, Born a Crime.

Born a Crime – Arif & Ali Picks #1

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