Blogging Live from Freedom Park, Bangalore-Day 1


Starting today I have joined the hunger-fast at Freedom Park, Bangalore. I’m doing all that I can to stop corruption in my country. Please join the movement. It’s our movement. Those who’ll benefit will be us and our children. If we don’t, then we have no right to complain. One has to pay a bribe here to get one’s birth certificate, property registered, even to file an FIR with the Police Station. Here’s your chance to do something about it. If you are in Bangalore, just come to Freedom Park today to show your support. If you are in any other city in India, join the support movement there. Jai Hind.


“Inqilaab Zindabad!”

“Pass karo, pass karo, Bill Humara Pass Karo”

“Down Down Corruption!”

‘Bharat Mata ki … Jai”

“Vande Mataram”

The atmosphere is just electric. Slogans of “Inqilaab Zindabaad!”, “Down, Down, Corruption” and my favourite, “Pass, Karo. Pass Karo. Bill Humara, Pass Karo” is echoing through Freedom Park. The movement that Anna Hazare has certainly started crossed it’s tipping point. There is no turning back. The bill will certainly be passed now.

Here is a glimpse of Freedom Park today:










  1. It’s really amazing to see a movement so vast thats picking up in intensity as each day passes. I feel extremely for Anna Hazare’s fast till death. Today is his fourth day. Hope and pray that the government intervenes and amicably agree for the bill. The crowd at Mumbai’s CST station was CRAZY! People from all kinds of villages were present in heaps!

  2. Dear Arif Sir,

    Thank you for your live updates on Anna Hajare’s Fasting & Movement.

    Vakil Housing management has declared a special permission to leave the office early and join this wonderful movement.

    All our office staff will meet you at the Freedom Park and raise our voices against CORRUPTION.

    JAI ANNA, Down Down Corruption.

    Mohan Raju

  3. @Splendid. Yes it’s amazing isn’t it? This global phenomenon of People Power that we’re witnessing is so energizing to see. It also gives hope for the future :)

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