Blogging Live from Freedom Park, Bangalore-Day 2

8 April 2011, 8:12 PM

We just had the most amazing Candle light Vigil. Never have so many diverse people been taken to the streets in Bangalore for a common cause. If you ask me, I think we’ve got 5,000 people. The energy, the spirit, it’s…it’s… I don’t know I’m speechless.

A Protestor displaying his placard

Overwhelming crowd! The little lights you see till the end are
candle lights. Yes they do continue all the way to horizon.




India Against Corruptions, youngest supporter


Close up!


Gali Gali mein Shor Hai. Mera Neta Chor Hai!



Yes, But Unity will Kill Corruption!

8 April 2011, 3:18 PM

The crowd has marginally thinned, but the spirit is just as strong. Here are pics of the last few hours

Here are pics of volunteers who are making the show go on 24/7.


We were just loudly and actively joined by the bar association




8 April 2011, 12:24 PM

The very politicians that we are standing up against, have come with their entourage, banners and musclemen. We couldn’t stop them and so they’re having their time in the limelight.

8 April 2011, 11:39 AM

The Crowd has just exploded here. Sitting on the stage, it seems the crowd reaches horizon. Kanada Superstar Upendra just came here.



8 April 2011, 10:14 AM

As of now there are porbably 200 people here now. The car parking lot has been cleared as we expect a large number today. We are sure to touch 10,000 today, it may even reach 50,000. TV reporters have started coming and are now a common sight here at Freedom Park. Some pictures from now

Several have joined the Hunger-strike


A movement supported by all ages and all classes


8 April 2011, 12:05 AM

Yesterday the crowds starting leaving 10 Pm. However volunteers stayed well till 2 AM planning and strategising activities and events for the next day. Today our target is to have 10,000 individuals gathered at Freedom Park. Here are some pics from behind the scenes, after the crowds left.

Volunteers working overtime to design Badges for Supporters to wear



Those on Hunger Strike calling it a night.




  1. This is amazing… truly to see people united in something other than cricket (not that I have anything against cricket) and that too such an important thing.

    Kudos to you Arif to take time out of your schedule for this, I am planning to make it to Freedom Park, although as per the news, an announcement may be made tomorrow of an agreement, so let’s hope for the best!

  2. To the entire Youth of Bangalore who want to Fight against corruption: “Let us show our support 4 the peaceful protest against corruption. Pls Assemble @ Freedom Park @ 3PM on this saturday, 27th Aug. Its now or Never. Jai Hind.”

    Pls Pass this msg to all.

  3. Dear Freedom Fighters,
    Commenting on this has become common, we have to continually bill the Government like they bill for Electricity & Water p/month, till they pass the bills.

    I don’t think we can clean the corruption overnight & fasting for few days…….we have an opportunity to elect the leaders from streets to countrywide where he should be basically IAS / IFS / IPS’ or relevant, should know the value of Rs.1 & should be paid only 10 to 15 K per month, because one who’s passionate of leading a state or nation won’t look for money certainly, and to increment him based on his performance in handling the tasks which he handles…. (Realizing this really one can see corruption free nation)

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