Three Insightful lectures I’ve recently heard on God, Happiness and Making Money

I always have some interesting lecture playing in my car. Here are the ones that I’ve recently heard. I recommend you to download them and hear them for yourself.

1. The Good Life-Happiness

This is a lecture by Yale Professor on What makes us happy? How does happiness vary across person and culture? What is happiness for? Hearing this will certainly more skilled at being happy.

2. The Tao of Warren Buffet

A great 30 minutes lecture by Mary Buffet (the ex-Daughter in Law of Warren Buffet) on her latest book the Tao of of Warren Buffet. In this lecture she runs through her book which contains quotations of Warren’s insights on investing and life, that she had privy to being close to him. Good Lecture. I am glad I heard it.

3. Does God Exist? – Debate
I always love hearing debates on the Existence of God. I have just started hearing this one and don’t know how it ends. The bit that I’ve heard is stimulating and am looking forward to complete it. Ofcourse those who’ve heard other Existence of God debates, may not find any new arguments, but the way they are put across is always unique and refreshing. Christopher Hitchens is the author of the book God is Not Great and Al Sharpton is the famous African American Baptist minister, Civil Rights Activist and Radio Talk Show Host.

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