Ramadhan is not getting over, it’s we who have finished it.

If we wish we could relive Ramadhan every month of the year. Afterall why has God asked us to fast in Ramadhan?

[Quran: Chapter 2, Verse 183] O you who believe! fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may be God Conscious.

God has ordained us to fast so that we experience God Consciousness. Really how God Conscious has our Ramadhan been? More than God Conscious, I have been hunger conscisous, food conscious and (for once) time conscious (Gosh, still 2 more hours left for Iftar!) Shame on me. With what joy can I celebrate Eid. Afterall Eid is for those who’ve successfully prayed, fasted and stayed away from sin during Ramadhan. All I have got from Ramadhan is fatigue, head-aches and boredom.

Sure Ramadhan is over, but we still can strive to bring a greater level of God Consciousness within us. We can continue to be wary of manners, mindful of our prayers, charitable (with time, knowledge and wealth), patient in times of adversity, grateful in times of bliss, respectful to our parents, constantly seeking to improve our knowledge and enhancing our skills. When we practice that throughout the year, so that when we do arrive at the Holy month, we will be blessed with an experience of a Ramadhan that is at a different level altogether.

An excerpt of a prayer, to be recited on the last 10 nights of Ramadhan:

O Allah, and now,
the days of Ramadhan are nearing completion,
and the nights are leaving us.
And you know better than me what status
I have reached in this month,
for You alone can calculate it,
from all of creation.

So I ask You by what,
the angels close to You,
Your send Prophets,
and Your virtuous servants,
have asked.

My God, I seek refuge with Your gracious self,
and your mighty power,
from (the state) that the days and nights
of Ramadhan reach completion,
and there still remains a sin on me,
that You will account me for,
or a mistake that You have not forgiven me.

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