How will save you several hours each week

Has the Internet changed how you read the news? It certainly has changed for me, and saving me lots of time. I remember the pre-internet days when I had to wait for dinner time to watch the news, or wait for next morning, to read the headlines.  The internet of course changed all that. These days all the small and big news & content providers have an online presence that provide the news that is up to date. From CNN and BBC to The Hindu and Times of India.

So how can save you several hours a week? Well, instead of sitting infront of the Idiot box during dinner time waiting for the news to show up, or spending hours visiting all the websites to track the news. You can use to brings the latest news from the sources you select, neatly arranged in a nice package, waiting to be read.

Below are some steps I’ll show you on how to setup your page at Netvibes, and add your favorite news source to track, with some cool tips & tricks to manage them.

1. Visit and setup your account

Setting up your account is as easy as clicking on the ‘Register Now’ link and then entering your email and password.






2. Add your news sources to your netvibes page

Now comes the main part! At this point you have to select the content that you want to display on your netvibes page. To start with you will find lots of useful widgets already present on your page, but other that this you’ll also have the option to add custom news feeds to your page.

For example if you would like NDTV headlines to appear on your Netvibes page, visit and lookout for the RSS link. You can find it on top of the page:





Click on that will give you the option to select the news feed you would like to insert on your Netvibes page:









Since I’m interested in ‘National News’ I copied that link, and added it to my netvibes page by clicking ‘add a feed’ and pasting the NDTV feed URL:







Once you’re done click on the finish button. You’ll now have NDTV coming to you instead of you going to NDTV :-) Neat!





3. Create Tabs

Soon you’ll find that you’ve got lots of news & blogs that you’d like to track. Netvibes’ Tab feature allows you to organize your feeds Tab-wise. Here’s how I’ve done mine:




4. Add Widgets

You would have realised by now that besides displaying news, you can add some pretty cool widgets ranging from Email to Calendars, tasks & Notes.









5. Access from Mobile 

Ok, last but not the least, you can access your netvibes page from your Mobile phone! This is a really time saving feature. I no longer have to be on my PC to read the news, I can read them when I’m on the go from my Blackberry. So if you own a GPRS enabled mobile phone, then visit and login to your account, to read the news you want!


  1. my first take on netvibes was that they want everything they can get from me in order to target me for ads/ i didnt sign up

    how is the ad content for you

  2. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

    Appreciate it

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