The Golden Years

Baby ArifDad was rummaging through his old briefcases and guess what we came across? A treasure trove of memories. The oldest photographs in the history of Vakil Family. I saw pictures of my mothers School Farewell party. A really young looking picture of my grandfather attending some lecture. A kiddy picture of my Mom holding my baby aunt. I saw pictures of dad before he was married, even a picture of mum when I was in her belly.

How time flies and flies and flies. How slim dad looked, how much more handsome my uncle looked and oh how similar mum’s farewell picture looked to mine . The only difference was that her pics were in black & white but it still contained teenagers with aspiring looks yet without a care in the world. I would love to share those pics here but most of them are quite personal. But if there’s any lesson I learnt from old pictures it is that you should…

Cherish your family. Give them priority over everything else. Really they’re all that matters. You may not get your dream job, you may not get that brilliant idea of your in production, but by God, you still have your family. They’re yours. All yours. Hold, hug and squeeze them. Life is just way too short to crib or complain about anything. Just don’t forget that.
These may seem just words to you but if you’ve got old pictures in the attic go ahead, dig them out tonight. Don’t delay, And then right after dinner sit together with as many family members as you can including extended family. Peer over those. One by one. Tell me if you don’t feel the same way.


  1. How true! Very well said…I am sure many of us have gone out chasing the best things that life offers and money buys, only to have returned home to find what we were chasing all these years…May sound a bit like Coelho but true…my soul has seen and felt the splendour of a family’s love and the miracle. It can work wonders!

  2. Hi, Salaam Alaikum.
    What a trip. I came to the Vakil site looking for horse riding possibilities [Google landed you as the second hit] and ended up on your blog.
    Good job, I’ve marked you out for future reading. In the meanwhile, what do I do about horse riding? ;-)
    And, Eid Mubarak in advance.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Geetha. Now, if only I can find someway to remember this every waking moment of my life :-)

  4. Walaikumasalaam Sabbah,
    Wow, your comment really made our day. Feel free to add your email address to the Subscribe box on the top of our blog. That way you’ll receive our monthly email that we send to all our subscribers summarising our posts for the month.

    Unfortuantely we had to stop horse riding classes Sabah. But thanks for dropping by and wish you Eid Mubarak too. :-)

  5. Salaam Arif Bhai,
    OOOPS! You look like same as Aamir Khan.
    I saw couple of Aamir Khan’s photos in
    that i saw one of his childhood photo,
    I swear you look like chota aamir khan.

    …….. I’m not doing any marketing ok.

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