The Most Creative Ads in the Gulf

There’s something mysterious about the effect of creative advert. It makes you smile, think over the message, ponder it’s flawless execution, you may not buy the product on offer but you nevertheless whisper, “Damn, that’s a good ad.”

I have seen a fair share of creative adverts when growing-up in Dubai. It was love at first sight. Hence my excitement when I came across Ad Blog Arabia, a blog which posts and archives the most creative ads released in the Gulf. Now mind you, these may not be the most effective selling ads, but in their own way are little pieces of art.

Definitely an addition to my Netvibes page. By the way, do you know of any Blog/website that showcases great ads?

The below ad, very aptly reflects the attitude of Dubai. With projects such as the Palm Trilogy, Burj Dubai and now Floating Towers the Rotating City, truly the sky is begining to seem to small a limit for Sheikh Mohammed. Have a look at the other ads in the series.

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