Creativity is doing more, with less.

IMG_0514 IMG_0518Hoardings are a great way to advertise and I always keep my eyes peeled for creative campaigns. Now sure these hoardings are a second-looker and why wouldn’t they be? the hoarding is fairly well laid out, it’s got too superstar celebrities and that huge balloon thingy which you just can’t miss. But if Iwere to score this campaign outta 10, it wouldn’t get more than a 6. And this is why:
– As eye-catching as these hoardings are, they are just too few and too far-between. So far I’ve observed only one in Kormangala and one on Airport Road. (If there are hoardings placed on Hosur Road, Kanakpura Road, MG Road, Brigade Road…they’ve failed to catch my attention.)

– Each time I look at the hoarding the only thing that registers is that the Hording has a mobile sitting on top of one and a hand sticking out the other. That’s all. And yeah also that they’ve got Ajay and Kajol in it too. Tata may have partially succeeded in building Brand Recall, but because the bait to catch the viewer’s attention is so BIG, the “sales pitch” is sadly lost and forgotten. I’ve probably seen the hoarding 10 times and sure I may have read the headline but it’s only when I sat to write this post I paid attention to what was being said.

If they had such a large budget, instead of blowing so much moolah on Kajol and Ajay’s celeb fees and on the heavy execution of the hoardings, wouldn’t it have been more effective to have gone for a simple but deadly creative and have spent that same amount on taking umpteen more hoarding space and plaster the city?


  1. hola hombres!

    was wondering why the client didn’t think of putting the crisp notes that he seems to have in excess through a paper shredder. because that’s what he’s done. well! at least some sod who owns the hoarding site made money! it’s good business yeah!

    rajesh mani

  2. Ha ha Mani, nice comment. By the way, how you doin’ dude? Do give a call when you’re B’lore next okay?

    Take care and keep smiling

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