Just 4 a change

A mail from our Customer Care Team:

To our Dearest & 4most clients,

Being a part of AirTel Broadband and Telephone Services, we 4see a change in our office number as Air Tel has adopted a new number series beginning with ‘4‘ for its fixed line services. As a 4thought, we felt it was best to update you, well in advance.

There4, the first digit of our Office Phone number shall be replaced by 4. Hence4th, our office phone no. will be 41193293 and our Fax no. will be 41104949.

As a 4mality Airtel will continue to connect all calls received on the old number (51193293) till February 28, 2006.

Signing off with warm wishes 4 you and 4 the family

Customer care team -)


  1. Arif,

    This is a great mail.

    Incidentally my office also underwent the same number change. We had a mail sent to everybody by our facility team informing the change. I am sure that most of the people would not have even bothered to read it let alone take a serious note of the change.

    On the other hand your team’s mail announcing the change was outstanding!!!. It was very creative and funny. At the same time it met the objective of making the recepients notice the number change. Hats off to your team for creating the mail.


  2. Even Airtel might not have had such a 4ceful impact :-)

    Good One!

    I even enjoy reading your monthly VST progress reports

  3. Hi,

    Well written mail.

    I appreciate that you and your team has improved a lot after some unwanted incidents/reports in media/public in past. This is good sign and indicates that the orginasition is maturing after some initial ups and downs.

    Keep on walking on this path.

    Best Regards

  4. Creative mail :-)! I like the posting and tracking mails from Vakil housing always !

    Merry X-mas & Happy New Year to all you folks !

  5. Arif,

    This was so creative! This email will make me remember to check the number when I can Vakil.

    I have noticed that your customer care team is creative, enthusiastic and helpful. Kudos to you for putting together such a team!

    Natarajan Iyer

  6. Hi ,

    That was a Good one ( or should I say Good 4). Well thought and drafted.

    You have a good team IN HOUSE…who really help in saving a lot of money…particularly from the AD companies…


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