Being Happy is as simple as this


Thanks Tina.

What’s your worst fear?

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What’s your worst fear?



Torture of near and dear ones?

What if youíre able to bear that? Then, youíll then have absolutely nothing to loose. Youíre invincible, when itíll come to standing up for the right. No matter what the consequences.

Behind the scenes of Sufi-Comics

Some readers may be unaware that the Sufi Comics posted on our blog are drawn by Ali. If you are an aspiring artist and are curious on the tools that Ali uses to draw Sufi Comics. They’re not many:

1. A Toshiba Tablet PC: Portege M750

2. Manga Studio EX

3. A Smudge Guard

Shhhhh…Now let’s peek and watch Ali create his next masterpiece:





A couple of new podcasts that I dabble in.


If you spend more than 15 minutes commuting and don’t listen to podcasts or any sort of audio material, gosh oh-gosh, you are missing an entire world of laughter and learning. Over the last week I have been hearing heard the fabulous story of an ordinary individual taking up fight against Racial killers of the Ku Klux Klan, the hilarious tale of a sleep-walker and his misadventures and the wonderful mystic words of Al Ghazzali from his ageless Alchemy of Happiness.

The audio explosion on the internet is as rich as the text and video material out there. What is it that interests you? What problem is it that’s bothering you? Just search for a podcast on that topic in iTunes or Yahoo podcasts and boom, you’ve got yourself a university of knowledge on that topic area. So much to listen but don’t have time to do so? You don’t need to take out time, just pop the mp3 files in your phone, plugin the earphones to your ear and hear it while coming to or leave from work. It couldn’t get easier.

I’m subscribed to about a 100 podcasts, however I listen to just a handful of those. I’ve blogged about some earlier podcasts that I dabble in here and here. In addition to those, below are a couple of others that I’m currently tuned into:

The Moth Story Telling Podcast
It’s Rated the number 1 Podcast for several weeks on the ITunes podcast directory, every story I’ve heard till date, connected with me at some level. The podcast contain true stories of individuals, which although is completed within 15 minutes, I’ve caught myself thinking, reflecting on the stories long after it’s passed through my ears. A podcast that I would heartily recommend.

Fora TV Audio of the Week Podcast
Fora TV, has an eclectic selection of lectures, panel discussions, debates on Political, Scientific, or any other topical subject (Thanks for the recommendation Sudeep). In the past, the episodes that I’ve heard on Fora TV and have found them to me greater insight to the workings of the world are:

Book Summary of Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman

A panel Discussion on Would we be better off without Religion

Raj Patel, discussing his book, Stuffed and Starved. Why and how is half the world under-nourished and the other half Obese.

Finally, in addition to the above, I’m having simply a ball of a time, listening the audio rendition of Right Ho, Jeeves by P G Wodehouse, performed by B J Harrison of The Classic Tales Podcast. I’ve tried to pickup books by Wodehouse several times, but could never read past a few pages. But when B J Harrison gets behind the microphone to read out the exuberant expiditions of Wooster and Jeeves, not only do I look forward to each new episode but also find myself chuckling and giving whoops of excitement as I go of driving jolly well off to work.

If you are new to subscribing to Podcasts, here’s a great YouTube Video, that explains how it’s done.

I’ve Half-Cracked the Rubik’s Cube

Ever since I’ve a boy I’ve been twisting and turning the Rubik’s cube. As a kid, it took me a few weeks to understand how the cube works and managed to solve one of the six sides of the cube. Then after a break of a few years, managed to solve one side plus one line. And now after a decade and a half, I’ve re-picked the infamous cube to give it one final shot and crack the damn thing.

Why? Well, my daughter is growing up and by the time she’s 2 or 3 I would have liked to have solved it on my own so that I can guide her through the thought process of solving the cube herself. Well friends this is the closest I have come so far. I have solved one side, one line and almost solved the second line. As you can see, it’s one or two pieces in the second line that I’m not able to have in place without disturbing the other pieces. Well I’m still at it, watch this space for future updates.



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