A brilliant debate, discussing whether God Exists or not.

We’ve discussed quite a bit on this blog on the Purpose of life, the Concentration of Prayer, A totally Unique way of looking at God. However all these topics were spoken about with one major assumption, that was yet to be challenged (on this blog atleast). ie. Does God exist? What evidence do we have that there is indeed an All Powerful, All Merciful and All Just creator? Maybe the universe was not created but has always been existing. Or more likely the world came about by chance. Because no Creator, would permit be so much agony and suffering that the world is undergoing today, (the greatest hardship of all was enduring George W Bush as the US President for 8 years).

All the above questions have been beautifully addressed in this historic landmark debate between Malim Hassanain Rajabali and Dan Barker.

Here are the YouTube links:
Does God Not Exist (Part 1)
Does God Not Exist (Part 2)
Does God Not Exist (Part 3)

If you’re in a rush, the debate starts 30 minutes once the event begins, so you may comfortably forward 30 minutes into the presentation and begin watching the rest of the program from there. Looking forward to your comments below after hearing the debate.


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