Page after Page – Review of a Book on Writing

200907131524.jpg Have you every come across a book that was so good that you actually felt like kissing it? And then actually did so? If you are a writer, Page after Page can get you dangerously close to having an affair with it. The subtitle of the book goes, “Discover the confidence & passion you need to start writing and keep writing (no matter what)”. Heather has certainly delivered on her promise. Each time I complete a chapter, I am raring to get back to my desk and write out yet another blog post, an entry in my journal, or anything for that matter.    I received a warm, nourishing, nutritious feeling each time I’ve completed a sitting of reading Page After Page. Come to think of it, ‘Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul,’ would have been a more apt title.

Sprinkled with subtle humour, that doesn’t get you laughing out loud, yet leaves you wanting to read just a little for more. The book is divided into 3 parts and 30 chapters. The First Part is to Create a New Writing Self, the Second on How to Maintain Your Commitment to Writing and Final on Finding Your Place in the World of Writing. At the end of every chapter she’s set some amazingly imaginative writing exercises, makes you wish that you were back in school and this be the prescribed textbook. My favourite is exercise #19, where Heather asks you to imagine yourself being the child of your two favourite authors. Who would your Writing Parents be? (My Mum would definitely be Enid Blyton, don’t know who my dad would be). Taking that forward she further asks you to create your Writing Family Tree.

“Choose a writing Aunt, add a few writerly nephews, some neighbours, a whole little town of people who actually do write who are related to you. Goofy as it is, making a collage with these people’s faces (photocopy writer photos at the library) and sticking up inspiring quotes by them really helps…”

I sure it does, Heather. Thanks for the brilliant book!


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