Sufi Comics: God’s Happiness

Sufi Comics: God's Happiness
Sufi Comics: God’s Happiness

In this time’s comic I’ve tried something different. It contains no words other than the saying of the Imam. A similar saying has also been attributed to the Prophet (‘s), but I’ve not been able to find the exact words & reference.

This is the month of Ramadan. It is a month where we have been invited to be the guests of God. Instead of giving us food, He asks us to Fast, because it is an invitation to get close to Him. Just a few days are left and the month of Ramadan will come to an end. Let’s make the best use of these last few days by sincerely seeking his forgiveness, and seeking his help to improve ourselves for the better.

The Prophet (‘s) has said “Unfortunate is the person who is deprived of the forgiveness of God during this great month.”

Sufi Comics – Perhaps you know this Donkey


Sufi Comics - Perhaps you know this donkey
Sufi Comics – Perhaps you know this donkey

“This is a Book full of Blessings that we have revealed unto you so people ponder upon its verses and men of intellect may reflect.” (Quran 38:29)

“Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books.  Look in the sky, to find the moon, not in the pond.” – a Persian proverb.

I can’t help but recall the Killers of Imam Hussain (as) on the plains of Karbala.  It’s been narrated that some of the murders had memorised the entire Quran.  Memorised!  How many times they must have read the Quran to have it memorised.  Yet, they were urging their commander to start the battle early so that they could kill the Holy Imam and then offer their prayers.  The lesson is the same.  Reading may be first baby step towards enlightenment, but is useless without reflection.


40 Sufi Comics in the Media

In the last few month, the 40 Sufi Comics book was reviewed in the Media (Newspapers & Blogs). Thank you to all of you who took out the time! If any of you would like to write a review of the book on your Website or Print Media, get in touch with us with your address and we’ll ship you a free copy of the book anywhere in the World.


IBN-TV, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania did a talkshow on Sufi Comics


Print Media

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Hindustan Times – Mumbai

DNA – Mumbai

Mid-day – Mumbai


The Hindu (Using Comics to explain Islam)


The Indian Express (Breaking the ice through comics)


Islamic Voice (Sufi Wisdom served with great elan)

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Online Media

“Comics and graphic novels have come a long way. Once seen in India as a clever ploy to make children read history and mythology, it is now viewed as one of the coolest literary forms there is, with a steady following amongst the old and the young. Taking the form a step ahead, Bangalore based brothers Mohammed Ali Vakil and Mohammed Arif Vakil have complied 40 comic strips, titled 40 Sufi Comics, in the form of a book that visually depicts the teachings of Islam.”  Sufi Comics trying to help people understand Islam by Shweta Sharma

“Graphic novels have a cult-like following from the very young, to the academically wise. Who knew they could teach you spiritual, or Islamic life lessons?” Behind 40 Sufi Comics – India’s Muslim Blogging Brothers by Zaufishan Iqbal

“The art was beautiful, so the teachings. Each story taught a moral value, and had verses from the Qur’an and traditions with special notes from the artist. 40 Sufi Comics is actually a collection of illustrated eternal truths of life.” - Comic Addicts: Sufi Comics by Nishkarsh Chugh

“One of the great beauties of this work is its suitability for all audiences and ages. An 8-year-old child, a 55-year-old adult, or an open-minded non-Muslim – indeed almost anyone – will enjoy and benefit from this material.” - Islamic Insights: Sufi Comics Book Review by Diana Beatty

“The subjects that they have chosen include Love, Knowledge, Ethics, Spirituality, Mother, Prayer, God et al. Alongside, there are translations of relevant verses from the Quran and quotes from the Prophet and other teachers.” - Citizen News: Philosophy can be fun by Pushpa Achanta

“A short comic is a preferable medium these days for many to read and assimilate new subjects. One can go back to it as often as one wants because they are not boring, They convey esoteric philosophy in simple language and cartoons without compromising on content or quality.” - ChummaChumma: 40 Sufi Comics by Gopal S.



Sufi Comics: Why doesn’t God do something?

Sufi Comics - Why doesnt God do something

Sufi Comics - Why doesnt God do something

This is our first comic after publishing 40 Sufi Comics (Volume 1). Inshallah this comic will be part of 40 Sufi Comics (Volume 2) :)

The comic above is one of my favourite parables, and has had a profound effect on me. We often complain that why doesn’t God do something about the poor in the world (ie the beggar), or the oppressed, eg the Palestinans (ie the beaten) or the crippled. Well He did do something. He created me and you. All of us put together have sufficient resources to make a significant difference in the world. We should now talk the talk less and walk the walk more.

“Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition”Quran (13:11)

Have We not given him two eyes,
And a tongue and two lips,
And pointed out to him the two conspicuous ways?
But he would not attempt the uphill road,
And what will make you comprehend what the uphill road is?
(It is) the setting free of a slave,
Or the giving of food in a day of hunger
To an orphan, having relationship,
Or to the poor man lying in the dust.
Then he is of those who believe and charge one another to show patience, and charge one another to show compassion.
Quran (90:8-17)

“We are the luckiest people that ever lived; we have abundantly and manifestly the capacity to address human problems if we care. It is a matter of vision and courage and compassion.” -RAMSEY CLARK

40 Sufi Comics is now available on

40 Sufi Comics on

I’m pleased to share the news that 40 Sufi Comics book is now available to purchase on! If you’ve enjoyed reading Sufi Comics, please take out the time to write a review. Those you’ve requested for a free copy of the book, this week I’ll be shipping them to you. I still have some free copies left, so it’s still not late to ask for one. :)

How does one publish a book on

Steps to Publish a book using CreateSpace
Steps to Publish a book using CreateSpace

Those of you who have been dreaming to publish a book, I would urge you to go for it! It’s a very rewarding experience and has never been this easy! Several people asked me how I got the book on Amazon.  I’m outlining here a high level view of the steps:

* Once the content of your book is ready the first thing you need to do is to decide which digital publisher you need to approach. There are 2 big ones: & I did some research and found both of them competitive, but decided to go with ’cause it’s an company and therefore the fastest route to get your book on Amazon.

* Once you’re registered with CreateSpace (it’s free), they ask you details about the book you want to publish (name, author, description, genre etc).

* Then you need to decide & inform the Physical properties of the book. This would include the page size, number of pages, type of cover. At the end of the process an ISBN number will be assigned to the book.

* With the above details in place, CreateSpace will ask you to upload 2 PDF files. One for the Interior pages, the other for the Cover page. This was the most time consuming step for me ’cause I had to constantly adjust the margin space, and page arrangements to meet their requirements. My skills in Graphic Design came in use here. If would be useful to have a friend with design skills to help in taking you through this step.

* After you’ve uploaded the PDF files as per their specifications, they will ship (at your cost) a ‘Proof’ copy of the book. If it looks good, you’ll need to approve it.  Below are photographs of the Sufi Comics Proof Copy:

* Now you’re almost through. Setup the selling price of the book. CreateSpace will charge a fixed cost per print, whatever you sell your book for above that price is your Royalty! So if CreateSpace charges a fix cost of $5 per copy, and if you set the selling price as $9, then you will receive $4 for each sale.

Once you’ve entered the Sales Information, then in approximately a week’s time you’ll find that your book is available for the world to buy on!

Never in history has it been this easy for an individual to publish a book with the largest distributor in the world!

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