1. another great one!!! its amazing that the simplest lessons are brought to life in your drawings..keep up the good work brother!!

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  3. Brilliant … way of explaining…

    as i read on ‘Osho Times’

    Hell and heaven are within you. The doors are very close to each other: with the right hand you can open one, with the left hand you can open another. With just a change of your mind, your being is transformed –from heaven to hell and from hell to heaven. Whenever you act unconsciously, without awareness, you are in hell; when-ever you are conscious, whenever you act with full awareness, you are in heaven.

    Silence is the door. Inner peace is the door. Nonviolence is the door. Love and compassion are the doors….

  4. The perspective that Heaven and Hell are there in this world is very powerful.

    It makes one look at the world in a completely different way. One becomes aware of every action, as each action is a step in creating one’s heaven or hell.

    Thanks for sharing the above quote.

  5. Respected brother,
    Assalamun alaiykum.

    Thank you from the distance school. In Swedish language will be more advise able due to its coverage( Nordic countries read Swedish)and use.
    God bless you all
    Gulamali Dhalla

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