Sufi Comics: Mother

Sufi Comics: Mother
Sufi Comics: Mother

During pre-Islamic Arabia, the Arabs were so ashamed of having daughters, that they would bury their new born daughters alive. The above is an example of how the Prophet of Islam changed the attitudes of the people during that time & emphasized the importance of the role of women in society.

One would have thought that after centuries of progress mankind would have matured enough to realise the role that the women plays is critical for a healthy society. Yet in many places around the world, the role of the women is still seen as inferior. This has resulted in an alarming rate of female fetuses being aborted. We need to introspect our attitudes and culture, because a society that does not value their women, will always be limited in their growth.

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Sufi Comics: Mother



  1. I really enjoy your comics! I share some of the quotes from your website in my facebook coz i think those are really wonderful sayings from the prophet :)

    keep it up and keep them coming! ;)

  2. Masha Allah,

    That’s a wonderful article. The saying hits us very sharply when we see it in visualization….How true..How true…Subhanallah, we will feel ourselves more smaller than those worms when we realize it. Appreciate your works brothers. May Allah make this blog a beneficial for the Ummah, insha Allah.

  3. MashAllah another hats off to Mothers – glad I am lucky enough to have my mom around and also lucky enough to be a mom myself! :) Jazak Allah Ali and Arif for sharing this so brilliantly!

  4. Salam,
    i’ve got your page from Mr. Irving.
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and just share your link on my fb, hope you don’t mind

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