How to be Happy for No Reason

What makes us Happy?

Is it a new car? A job promotion? A new house? Does our Happiness depend on external factors? Do we wait for someone or something to make us happy? Many of us think that “If I had so and so… I would be Happy”. “If my partner would behave in a certain way … I would be Happy” Depending on external factors to make us Happy gives us only short term Happiness, till the time we start craving or the next thing or event to make us Happy. read more…

The above is a guest post we had done for Zeenat Syal’s Blog Positive Provocations.   She’s got some good articles on her Blog that are worth going through.


  1. Dear Ali Sir,

    Its very surprising & nice to read on “How to be Happy for No Reason” Here is the practical experience of mine to share with all you people.
    – I always observe my present thoughts & I encourage only being happy & won’t take negatives to next frame of my thought.
    – To reach this stage we need to practice, practice & practice.
    – I also recommend my all time favorite book called “Power of Now – Ekart Tolly” this will really help one’s life to be happy for ever.
    – Finally one of my secret to be revealed is, meet Arif & Ali Sir, they themselves are the mentors & they reflect for Happiness. I am the living example & I had a gifted time working with them for few years & learned how to be simple & be joyous in life.


  2. being happy i my opinion its not the things from which we be happy its the moment that we feel and a cute little smile comes on our face like when a mother sees her child for the first time after its birth its the precious moment and the happiest moment of her life but she cry at first its not just the tears dropping down its diamonds dropping down from her eyes in the feeling of happiness

  3. *sings* ? Don’t worry, do-do, do-do, beee happy, do-do, do-do ?

    And surely do hearts find rest, comfort, peace and happiness, in the remembrance of Allah sw.ta’la.


  4. What is the use of gaining whole by loosing your heart. We can have the happiness only by contentment and the belief that everything is done Allah for our good things. Something may be postponed only for our better future good life.

  5. Allah give us good life in All worlds.
    To be happy for ever follow and according to Quran and Sunnath.
    rabbana aathinaa fithunyaa hasanathum
    wafil aahirath hasanathun wakinaa athaabanaar
    Allah give us good life in this world and give janathul firtouse in other world – Amin

    To be happy see the site
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