I’ve Half-Cracked the Rubik’s Cube

Ever since I’ve a boy I’ve been twisting and turning the Rubik’s cube. As a kid, it took me a few weeks to understand how the cube works and managed to solve one of the six sides of the cube. Then after a break of a few years, managed to solve one side plus one line. And now after a decade and a half, I’ve re-picked the infamous cube to give it one final shot and crack the damn thing.

Why? Well, my daughter is growing up and by the time she’s 2 or 3 I would have liked to have solved it on my own so that I can guide her through the thought process of solving the cube herself. Well friends this is the closest I have come so far. I have solved one side, one line and almost solved the second line. As you can see, it’s one or two pieces in the second line that I’m not able to have in place without disturbing the other pieces. Well I’m still at it, watch this space for future updates.




  1. AA,

    Wow! seems like we are up to the same thing. I remember i was in the 6th grade when i first set my hands on a cube – just for a few hours though. I bought one about 5 years back and took almost 2-3 weeks to solve it. I picked it up again a week or so back and have been trying this different method on the web: http://lar5.com/cube/. This method asks you to start with a corner and then solve the cube like enveloping it. check it out sometime :)

  2. mashallah lol! My cousin knows someone who can actually solve it in 3 minutes! She still doesn’t think its good enough and would try to set a new goal for her next record lol XD

  3. Arif,

    What i realized is speed-cubing is really easy. if you look at the solution on rubiks.com, and solve the cube about 5 times – you will remember all the turns. and then you just need to build speed.

    i think the fun is solving by trying to use a different approach each time. this can take weeks, and you may never solve it. but, you will figure out brilliant moves, and those have a deeper meaning ……. :) we should chat over kababs someday :-p

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