Boy, I got Hell, and loved it. HellBoy 2 – Movie Review.

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Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Now that’s one heck of a fun movie. I don’t know if my tastes have gone awry or the world around me has changed, but there are truly few movies that I find entertaining. Yes, I’m a sucker for fan the fanatasy, sci-fi genre, but HellBoy 2 is different. Although predictable yet it’s got a captivating storyline with intense moments of emotional drama, the characters are deep, it’s got great humor, not loud, slapstic style but you’d be constantly smiling and chuckling to yourself, simply amazing sets & landscapes, the Action, Special Effects, get’s you oohing and ahing till the credits start rolling. Hell, it’s even better than the first part.

No regrets watching it and would definitely recommend it. If you guys have any movie recommendations please do let us know in the comments below. Cheers!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation – I might add it to my Netflix queue – did you see the first Hellboy prior to this one or is it okay to see this one without seeing that one?

  2. The first Hellboy is okay. Go ahead and watch Hellboy 2 directly. Any flicks that you enjoyed recently and could recommend for us?

  3. I liked the Star Trek movie, I liked Iron Man, too. Gran Torino was heavy but good. State of Play had no bells and whistles but was very engaging.

    I laughed a lot at Yes Man and The Proposal.

    Seven Pounds was good but I saw what was coming a mile away – also very heavy.

    Secret Life of Bees was sweet, Night at the Museum and Escape from Witch Mountain and Bolt were good for kids.

    Enjoyed Eagle Eye and the Transformer Movie a lot.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations and the mini-reviews. Hell boy 1 is not that bad though, but I’m sure u’ll enjoy it more after watching hell boy2.

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