Man passes away while in Sajdah at Masjid an Nabawi

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I am not sure how authentic this is, however the picture looks as real as it can get.

Either way, what a stirring moment. Of all times in the day that one is close to God, you are closest to Him in your prayers. And within prayers one of the closest positions is that of prostration, where in total submission man brings his head to the ground and declares, “Glory be to You, O Allah. Glory be to You.” Here’s a man, who arrives at the one of the Holiest places on earth, Medina. He commences prayer, begins conversing with His Beloved. He moves to prostration, surrendering himself completely. Just when He is closest to God as one can be, the Lord brings His hand and lifts His lover to himself saying, “I love you too much to have even this much distance between ourselves. Come even closer to me, my Son. Even Closer.” Subhanallah. “Aisee maut, Allah sab ko naseeb karay.”


  1. Subhan Allah. Thanks for sharing!

    the concept of “son” is very christian.
    I’m curious why you’d choose to use that word.

  2. Why have I used the concept of “son”? Don’t know. That’s how I pictured it. Maybe it’s because I’ve become a father recently. Or maybe because I’ve always been deeply affected by the famous Hadith that Allah SWT loves you seventy times than your mother. After all, Allah SWT is our Sustainer, Protector, Provider. In many ways He is our Father.

  3. What a beautiful post Arif! Masha’Allah! The man in the picture is truly fortunate to pass on in such sublime conditions.

  4. brother that is very wrong for you to say allah is kind of like a farther check the meaning of surah ikhlas

    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.

  5. I think brother Ikhlaq is interpreting things literally – a problem many Muslims face today, even scholars. The Prophet (s) has already confirmed that the Ummah will never do shirk in toto…

  6. dear arif,

    i happy to see you have become a father but, just because u became a father, doesnt mean u shud change whts beens said, right, if Allah didnt say son, and i am sure He wont,U shudnt by any means say anythin like that juts because u picture it to be like that, in Surat Qul Huwallah Ahah, it is clearly said, Allah has no sons, Allah has no begginning and no end, i hope u realise ur mistake, and i found out your concentration in namaadh very helpful Insha Allah,

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