1. That’s kind of being a douche and answering his questions with a brick to the face and a set of inane observations that miss the point entirely.

    His last answer was especially facetious considering he didn’t even attempt to answer the question and missed a chance to explain the paradox of free will vs destiny and omniscience and of destiny vs repercussion.

  2. Salams Arif and Ali,

    I personally enjoyed this one, as I have enjoyed all of them. Are you thinking of putting them all together? I think you should consider turning them into a book of some kind.

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salaams dear Abdur Rahman,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Inshallah maybe a book once there are sufficient number of comics.

    I enjoyed the photographs of your trip! :)

    Mohammed Ali

  4. for the first time someone has attempted to picturize such remarkable stories,i work with young kids and would love to use these to introduce such beautiful lessons…jazakallah..great job..keep making them…Allah and the Masoomeen will reward you generously for your efforts….

  5. how come when i answer my questions by throwing bricks, i dont get away with it?

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