5 Questions that will help you regain your Focus at Work.

Spending too much time at Office, but not getting a lot done? Here are Five questions that works towards fixing that. Ask yourself:

1. Am I being Productive or Busy?

2. Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?

3. What 20% inputs causes the 80% of my productivity, satisfaction and happiness?

4. What 20% inputs causes the 80% grief?

5. What tasks would I do if I had 2 hours/day to work?
(This last question is a killer. Truly think about it. What if one find day the Doctor told you that buddy, I’m sorry but if you’ve got to live, you can only visit work two hours a day. No more. Beyond that, your body and mind would not be able to take the load.
Just imagining that scenario starts gearing the mind as to how we can maintain our current work load within that time frame ie just two hours a da. And you know what, it seems doable too.)

Source: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

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