Sufi Comics: Freewill or Pre-destination

Sufi Comics - Freewill or Pre-destination
Sufi Comics - Freewill or Pre-destination

The classic question whether our actions are governed between Freewill or Pre-destination has been asked by all schools of thought. The correct answer according to Islamic thought is that it’s somewhere in between. We don’t have complete freewill over all our actions, as that would imply that God has no power over our actions. At the same time we’re not completely powerless over our actions, as that would imply that God controls us like robots.

The above comic illustrates the simplicity in how Imam Ali (as) explains this balance.

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Sufi Comics - Freewill or Pre-destination


  1. This classic question has also disturbed me for the long time. Ali Shariati in his book Religion vs Religion has thrown some light on this topic from the e.g. of Abu dharr who challenged the operessor of hsi time on this point.
    What i personally concluded is there are three points which can not be taken as isolation
    1) Free will
    2) Predestination (Both points very well explained in the above e.g.)
    3) Help of Allah which any one seek through supplication

    Allah Hafiz
    Gazanfer Ali

  2. Salaam Gazanfer bhai,

    Thanks so much for your comment. You’ve added a new dimension to the eternal question, “help of Allah which one seeks through supplication”.

    A question that I often bring up with either scholars or during intense religious discussions, “what is the purpose of supplication?” Is it really just to fulfill our needs/desires of better job/more money/better health? Or is it more? And ofcourse if God does intercede, how does he do it at the atomic level of detail?

    Anyway, all that’s for another blog post.

  3. salam alaykum,

    I admire the simplicity of this comic. It helps, but this is still complex. If I am the son of a cat burglar will I be like my parent. Or my father abuses my mother, will I abuse my wife?

    We have to possess some control, which would have to be from Allah, to make the right choices. Are we making the right choices or is Allah?
    This is confusing. When when a word is broken, can that also be the fallacy of the promise from the beginning? The person might be a flake so if we are robots then some of us are dysfunctional, not all are created equal?

    i am rambling…

  4. To the person who asked about the purpose of supplication.

    We have to understand that we are not informing God about our needs through dua . . . he is omnipotent. Indeed, he knew we were going to make this dua before he created the universe. Rather it is a form of connection between us and our Creator.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I am a Christian theologian and blogger and really appreciate the tone and message of your blog. I liked this comic, it seems that we struggle with many of the same questions. Peace be with you.

  6. Salaam aleikum,

    I love this comic and tell a lot of people now when they ask me about predestination to lift their foot as well :D. I was wondering what the source is for this wonderful happening.


  7. predestination is a fact.the problem is serious because we dont understand our place in it.the roles seems to overlap.but when we know GOD as he aught to be known then all clears away.Sufism leads to that and then there remains no confusion.the truth is that we all make our choices.we r perplexed.we think we dont.we r allways struggling between the past and future.present is subtle,it escapes us.we need be aware .

  8. salam alikum, ur blog really refreshed thoughts, i just started visitin ur blog, find my self indulgin in ur comic world , which is really cool. ur reply to one of ur visitor “Indeed, he knew we were going to make this dua before he created the universe. Rather it is a form of connection between us and our Creator.” is true :)

  9. yes thats it…….this is what is meant by predestiny……but remember friends a bayath with one perfect murshid kamil has power to change predistiny…it can transform a wretched soul into a serene noble soul…
    love u all.

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