Naked Economics- a Book Review & a Great Election TV ad

Ever since the beginning of the Economic Crises, I’ve been gobbling up every editorial, analysis, documentary and book on it, trying to understand in as plain words as possible what exactly is going on. †It’s not as simple as, “it’s because of, American Greed and the sub-prime crises”. †The main question that bugs me is that Real wealth lies in natural resources and human capital. †And there hasn’t been a natural disaster that has wiped any of that away. †Then what’s all the hullabaloo about? †It just a question of sentiment, then? †Anyway, I’m personally quite far from understanding what’s happening economically, nonetheless I’m in a MUCH better position to understand editorials and reports than I was several months ago. †And one reason for that is a recent book I completed titled “Naked Economics” by Charles Wheelan. †

Naked Economics, explains all the necessary economic concepts in a highly-entertaining way. †Those of you who want a jump start in understanding whatís happening, this book has great value to offer you. †Furthermore his constant reference of the different economies in the world (including India and the Middle East) makes this so much more relevant. †

Since I read this book, I’ve been tracking the movements of the author Charles Wheelan. †And what do you know he’s running for Congress. †Here’s the third in a series of TV ads that he’s done for his election campaign. †For his target audience I think he’s done a swell job. †It’ll have high retention value, It’s viral in nature and most of all I can see him getting votes. ††

Ps. Update: Charles Wheelan didn’t win a seat in the Congress.

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