Learning To Love Your Fate

Harness the power of loving your fate…amor fati

Over the past few weeks in challenging moments of the day, I have found solace in repeating to myself the phrase â€œAmor Fati” (Pronounced: Amore Farty).

“Amor Fati” is an concept introduced by Nietzsche, meaning “Love of One’s Fate”. 

In other words, having complete, resolute, even enthusiastic acceptance of everything of what has happened in your life.

The person of Amor Fati, doesn’t seek to erase anything of their past.  But rather accepts what has occurred.  The good and the bad.  The mistaken and the wise.  With strength and gratitude that even borders on enthusiastic affection.

I do the very opposite:
However, in most areas of my life, I do the very opposite. I take stock of my errors, regret and lament the unfortunate twists of fate and wish that things could have gone differently. 

I want to alter and improve things. Myself, the politics, the economy, the course of history. And part of this means refusing to be passive about the errors, injustices and ugliness of my own and collective past.

Amor Fati is not about resignation:
Hence to clarify, Nietzsche isn’t asking us to resign to glorious fatalism.  But that Acceptance is the first step towards change. In fact, don’t just “Accept” the past.  But Love it. Adore it.  It’s a part of you.  That has made you the wonderful you that you are.  

For it’s only after True and Complete Acceptance that you stand from a place of freedom. Rather than burdened by the past.  

Then you are liberated to choose whatever future you want to move towards.

So now whether I spill my cup of coffee or the children are creating a ruckus or I have trouble engaging with a team-member at work, I tell myself “Amor Fati”.


The above ideas have been paraphrased from this 7 min podcast. Thank you Asgher for sharing this with me!  

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