20 Things GTD is Not + Future of Leadership + Watch 5 year olds to 4 digit sums

Hey Blog Readers! 

We’ve had an interesting last couple of months.  
Our highlight was attending the Level 3 GTD workshop with David Allen in Amsterdam.  That culminates our learning of this fantabulous methodology.  

GTD Fans in India will be pleased to know that we’ll be offering training in Level-3 of the Workshop shortly.  Watch this space!
Till then, we’ve got an eclectic selection of articles for you this edition.  We present below:

  • A great Post on what GTD is not…(and therefore what it is)
  • How Holacracy can free you from micromanaging your team (and a lot more).  Do check this post for the cute cartoons it has.
  • A delightful video of children from our school, ILM Montessori, doing 4 digit addition, that’s way advance for their age.

Happy reading & watching!
Arif & Ali

What we’ve written:

20 Things GTD Is Not (And What It Really Is!)
I’ve been practicing GTD for over a decade, but it can still be challenging for me to explain what GTD is, and how it benefits. A good way to explain what something is — start with what it is not.So here’s a list of 20 things of what GTD is not! (and what it really is).

How Holacracy is Paving Way For The Future of Leadership
Today’s definition of leadership is evolving yet again. Explore how you can structure your organization for leadership to be distributed throughout the organization.

Watch Five-Year olds do 4-digit addition sums, effortlessly!
Watch these little ones make quick work of 4 digit addition – something even grade 2 students struggle with.

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