New Book: Sufi Comics – The Wise Fool of Baghdad

After 6 months in the making in collaboration with Artist Rahil Mohsin & Master Calligrapher Muqtar Ahmed, we launched the book ‘Sufi Comics: The Wise Fool of Baghdad’ at Comic Con Bangalore. We are very pleased with the final output of the book, it’s one of its kind!

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Arif & Ali's Blog

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Arif & Ali's Blog
  • You guys have done what I always wanted to do. But you have done it more wisely and beautifully…
    I love you work..
    Please do keep it up..
    I wish you very good luck in it..
    And though I am not that good in anything…
    But if you need any kind-a-help…
    Feel free to ask…
    I will love to assist you anyway possible..

    Once again…
    Very good luck and keep it up…

  • I had heard about you folks before, keep up the good work and the cause.

    I really appreciate artists and folks who have something to say…

    Keep well and keep growing, my dua for you guys.

  • Aoa,
    Brothers where can I purschase the Wise Fool of Baghdad? I cannot find it on Amazon nor any other website?

    Desperately awaiting your reply! The comics are addictive!

  • Bought both your books today from Comicon ! Getting through the 40 Tales first, and I love the way you have presented it! One suggestion I have is to include some of the historical stories of the Imam in your website. I had to go to Wikipedia multiple times to read about the history of Imam Ali, Hassan, Hussan etc to get a better perspective. While its true that I can always get this information ‘on demand’ as it were, it would always be more fun reading it in a book, or from your perspective. So my suggestion is that in your next edition you include some of this As ‘footnotes’ or sidebars for more interesting reading.

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