40 Sufi Comics now available in full Color

Since the time we launched Sufi Comics, one feedback we would often receive is to have the comics in color. For sometime now we’ve been experimenting with this suggestion. I’m pleased to let you all know that “40 Sufi Comics” is now available in full color!

These will be available for Sale at Comic Con San Diego 2012.

We’re also working towards making these available online for Sale on Amazon & Flipkart.


  1. Salams dear brothers,
    Fatimah APA here :)
    Want to sincerely congratulate u on your
    Amazing achievements ! May Allah swt give you success here and in
    The hereafter!!!!
    Also want to tell you that I want a copy of the colored Sufi comic
    But amazon won’t deliver to Pakistan and flipkart too won’t !

    Can you help me get my copy please:)

    Thanks brother and Eid mubaruk (15shaban)
    Fatimah Agha

  2. Thank you Sisters Zahra & Fatima, for your kind wishes! :)

    Pls send us your postal address via the contact form and we’ll send you the books.

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