A new home for Sufi Comics – www.SufiComics.com

Sufi Comics started as an experiment 3 years ago on our blog, and Alhamdulliah a lot has happened during the last 3 years:

* Published a book: 40 Sufi Comics
* Comics are being translated in 4 languages… more languages coming soon
* Is used in Madrasahs around the world (including Canada, Australia, US, Africa, Pakistan, Dubai)
* Participation at Comic-Con Mumbai
* Working on Volume 2 of Sufi Comics
* Very shortly we’re releasing an app for the iPhone & iPad

With all the activity surrounding this project we felt it deserves a new home on the internet. Sufi Comic’s new official website is www.SufiComics.com ! Please subscribe to the RSS feed & Mailing List to receive the latest comics!

Thank you for all for your support and encouragement! :-)


  1. What an innovative and interesting endeavour. Glad I found this blog. Quite like how you’ll bring together Islamic spirituality and stuff like GTD. Good stuff. Keep going. All the best.

  2. You guys have done what I always wanted to do. But you have done it more wisely and beautifully…
    I love you work..
    Please do keep it up..
    I wish you very good luck in it..
    And though I am not that good in anything…
    But if you need any kind-a-help…
    Feel free to ask…
    I will love to assist you anyway possible..

    Once again…
    Very good luck and keep it up…

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