What Should Calvin Do?

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Gandhigiri Says:
Give Moe the rest of the toys with a smile in an attempt to send him on a Guilt Trip

Osama Says:
Bomb that Sucker

Have endless, meaningless, pointless, Peace Talks between Moe and Calvin till they both graduate and leave school.

MR. T:
Eat Protein and Pump Iron. (Thanks Riaz bhai for this one :-)

Other Creative Suggestions:
Complain to the Teacher. But what if the Teacher doesn’t care?
Rally other Students to standup to Moe
Start Bawling loudly to create a scene to Shame Moe to giving back the Truck.

What I think:
Tell Moe the bully that he is and take the punch for it.

What’s your suggestion? What Should Calvin Do?


  1. He should let go and forget about the truck cause all this worry is not worth it.

    Just smile at Moe (close to Gandhigiri’s option!) because the best way to hit bad people is to put up kindness. (it upsets them!)

    His leniency will be repaid to him a hundred times over! :)

    Diane, reporting from France
    (and by the way: thank you for this great blog!)

  2. “Bigg Boss kehtey hain Calvin aur Moe aapas me ek Kaptaan chunein”

    “Bigg Boss thinks that Calvin and Moe should choose a captain”

    [Bigg Boss = Indian version of Big Brother :P]

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