Dump Google, Adopt Aardvark

There’s a new search engine in town. It’s Called Aardvark. It trumps over Google for the following reasons:

– You may just post your question and forget about it.
– In a short while, your answer will be sent to you, instead of you peering through pages of search results for it.
– The answers are highly personalised for you.

The way Ardvark has been executed, is just beautiful. Once you register at Aardvark, simply post your question there and shortly you’ll have answers emailed to you. How it works is that it emails that question to other registered members whose interests correlate with the subject of your question. Ofcourse there’s a catch, you would be emailed questions on subjects that you have mentioned are your areas of interest. But it’s so worth it. When you start receiving great answers, you want to and feel like reciprocating and responding to others who have queries on stuff that you are good at and know the answers to.

So next time you want to search for best flight options to a place or the best deal on any product or any other search query, dump Google and give Aardvark a shot.

Here are some questions that I’ve asked and the correspondingly great answers that I’ve received.




By the way, Google has bought Aardvark.


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