Sufi Comics: The Power of Prayers

Sufi Comics: The Power of Prayers
Sufi Comics: The Power of Prayers

I heard this story the first time in one of the lectures by Br Khalil Jaffer in the series The Art of Yearning for God. I also read it in a book of Sufi stories.

One of the lessons to learn in this story is that we if recite the Names of God, it should be done with our hearts so that it takes effect. There is little benefit if we just recite it with our tongues while our heart is somewhere else.

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Sufi Comics: The Power of Prayers



  1. Arif & Ali,

    Been reading your Blogs regularly. The Sufi Comics have had a wonderful visual impact for your readers. Infact the Prayer story above was so well depicted I showed it to all my family members and they loved it.

    If my Outlook 2007 RSS Update shows a New Vakil Blog in it in the Morning, My First Click goes to your Blog and not to my Inbox. I really mean it.

    Infact I got so inspired by your Blogging Dedication that I decided to have a blog of my own. is my Own Blog and I hope to have the blessings of the 2 Sufi Saints of Blogosphere i.e Ali and Arif to make sure I continue blogging and not get disheartened with it somewhere down the line.

  2. Islam is not a superstitious religion however this comic implies that simply reciting the 99 names of Allah will magically cure the woman. This is superstition to its very core, in Islam one makes du-ah to Allah (swt) personally (he or she can ask others to pray for him/her too but it is very important he/she makes the du-ah, more so than anyone including Sheikhs) and then actively seeks out to have the du-ah fulfilled.

    In Islam nothing happens by magic, there are no longer any miracles that will occur. Asking for miracles in this manner is going down the path of disbelief.

  3. Thanks for sharing your views. The message I got from the story is that our thoughts have a direct impact on our physical self. This is quite evident from common day experience. Example think about biting your teeth in a juicy sour lemon, you’ll find water gathering in your mouth, even though there was no lemon in the first place. For similar reason Mental Stress is known to be a major reason for several deaths.

    So it’s not unreasonable to believe that reciting the Names of God and thinking about him has a positive impact on the physical body in a scientific way, and not necessarily in a way that defies the laws of physics.

  4. Salam and Many many Thanks dear Mohamed Ali For this Cosmic Comic:

    It is very deep:

    If abusing or Blaming Intentioned WORDS OR SOUNDS hav such power to create NON-rhythamic vibration in Human Blood,pluse and heart then there are Words or Sounds with can make Rhythamic Human blood,pluse and hearts.

    If ordinary man’s words hav such powers Then what is the healing power of words Derived at high level spiritual stage – like Prophets.

    It Unfolds the power of meaningful readings of holy Books and Deep strenght of Zikr words.

  5. Hi Gauresh,

    Thanks very much for you kind words. We’re glad you’re enjoying the comics :) It’s great to know you’re starting a Blog, we’ll be following it.

  6. Dear Gauresh,
    Gosh, thank you so much. You’re making me blush :-). So glad to hear that you’ve started your on blog. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it? At times it can get challenging to keep on posting, but set a schedule and stick to it, I can tell you it’s so well worth the effort.

  7. Dear Ali & Arif Sir,
    Wishing U a nice morning. It’s very nice to see Ali Sirs well explained about the Stress & Our thoughts effects, one who experiencing in day to day life in this fast growing IT & Business world. I always remember our childhood days when we sit in our old villa terrace with the comic strips of Tarzan, tin tin or some great epics, probably we do not even seen the word Stress in even English Dictionaries. I really recall those olden days back from Ali & Arif’s Sufi Comics.

    A Sufi comic refreshes everyone’s thinking.

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