Bye bye Vah Blog. Hello Arif & Ali.

It started with a newsletter that I fondly called “Your weekly dose of inspiration.” Which over time metamorphisized into the Vakil Housing Blog. And now say hello to the Arif & Ali Blog. Why this change? You see, whenever we would want to post on the Vakil Housing blog, it would rarely be on Vakil Housing itself. So one lazy Sunday, our fingers were getting itchy and what started as a chat over breakfast on “what would be the best way to stay in touch with friends” led to the total redecoration of our Blog, complete with the change of the name too. Well, what do you think? You like?

Besides staying in touch there’s a tremendous amount of terrific material out there that me and Ali come across and look forward to share. Hence this blog became the perfect platform to do that. So, once a month, we shall dutifully ensure that all subscribed to our blog, shall receive the best of our posts packaged in nice little email with a pretty pink ribbon tied around it. :-)

Update on our life since my last newsletter: Generally we have been busy with work; God and life have been very kind to us. As most of you know we did go for Hajj last year but haven’t done any traveling since then and nothing really that new to report. We’d love to hear from you though, it’s been ages since we’ve even said hello. Please do drop a line or an email.
Take care, warm wishes and keep smiling,
Arif & Ali


  1. Start NEW today.

    Put yesterday aside. Focus on making today
    the best day possible. Leave the future out of it.
    Focus on what I have to do today to get better.

    And focus on the positives.

    This is how you rally from a set-back.
    Draw on the positives and build from there.

    Forgiveness of yourself and others releases the chains
    that bind you – freeing you to move forward.

    I want to thank Arif Sir & Ali Sir, all other motivators who sent emails providing kind words and thoughts for my friends and my family.

    Your emails were put in my “save” folder
    for future reference.

    -now or never

  2. hi A & A!

    great way to keep in touch. will blog now. have been going thru some really wonderful, a little insane sites. well, arif, a littkle bit of insanity is what communication is all about. wat say? normal is illusory. so unreal.
    let’s blog on this later.


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