It’s not you baby, its what you think.

It’s not people that we’re attracted to or repelled from. But it’s their thoughts, opinions and beliefs that either win us over or revolt us.

What matters to us is what a person thinks and feels. If his opinions were changed to be more aligned to ours or his ideas were something that we aspire to, wouldn’t our emotional response to him be different?

Similarly, if somebody’s not talking to you, it’s not ? you? that he’s avoiding. Once again it’s either your thought, opinion or belief. Sure, it could be something you said or something you did which has ticked him off. But you said/did that because you first thought about it. And here’s the clincher. You have complete control on your thoughts. You choose what to think. You are responsible for your thoughts as you are responsible for your actions.

Think about it.

“Watch your thoughts,
they become your actions,
watch your actions,
they become your habits
watch your habits,
they become your character,
watch your character,
it becomes your destiny.” ~ Anonymous


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