Yet another Vakil Bestseller!

The much-awaited, always rave-review winning, Vakil Housing Calendar, for 2006, is finally released! Garam garam just off the presses, copies of these calendars are already in the mail to all on this mailing list whose mailing addresses we do have. But just in case if you think your address is not with us or not updated, please send reply to this mail or post your comment and we’ll have it sent across to you pronto!

We’ve really enjoyed compiling the 2006 calendar. This year’s title is ?Vakil’s Charming Chinnu-Minnu’s.? But I’ve given away enough already. For the rest you’ve gotta wait for the calendar. Once you do receive it, please do post your comment. We would LOVE to know what you think of it.

Belated Happy New Year Everybody!
Team-Vakil Housing

Ps. Teaser pics below:

welcome note

November - 051205


  1. Excellent calendar!Great idea!The photographs are good and the captions are really interesting!Keep up the creative work! We enjoyed it a lot and will treasure it as a precious possession!

  2. Arif,

    Can you send me one in the USA?

    Frank Burkhardt
    232 St David Ct Apt X1
    Cockeysville MD 21030 USA

    Bill me.


  3. Its a great idea of a Calender with Children.Their innocent smile is enough to melt you and motivate you to face the cruel world outside.

  4. Hi,

    It is really a great idea to have a calendar with all little ones photos. Also, it will be wrong if I don’t mention it. You are doing something way different than anybody else in the same domain. We wish you all the very best to you in the future.

    Keep it up.

    With best regards
    Ganesh and family.

  5. Hi Arif,

    Nice one, creative idea to have calendar like this.
    Thanks for sending to my office.

  6. Hi Arif,

    How can people staying abroad will get the calender ?

    I would like to have a copy.

    Let us know the procedure to get one.



  7. Hi..

    first things first, thanx a ton for posting the calender. the chunnu munno’s smile certainly brightens up everyone’s day! they r just so adorably cute.. esp the leopard kid!!!
    and now it’s got a special place on my writing table . and with it, u’ve ensured that if i were to ever live in banglore, it wld certainly be one of Vakil’s housing projects.. :)

  8. Hey Arif,

    It was extremely nice of you to send Vakil Chinnu Minnu 2006 calender. And I think, your calender is one of the most creative stuff I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to your and your brother’s brains … its come out really well…..

    Keep up the good work of surprising everyone with your innovations!!


  9. The calendar is so professionally done and fun to look at. My baby boy was born just a little too late for the calendar, but I’m hoping there is an equally special one next year that he can feature in :-)

  10. Great calendar. The february month is extraaa special to me since it is my daughter. I will keep it till 2017 as mentioned in the calendar !! Keep up the creative juices flowing ..

  11. I am in the business of communication and PR, and I must confess that I haven’t seen a more thoughtful calendar so far!
    I am really amazed by the effort that must have gone behind this.
    While it is disheartening to note that it will take a while for the media to look beyond ‘Swimsuit Calendars’ (done with the hidden agenda of drawing media mileage and to promote products surrogately), I am hopeful that there will be a day when such a ‘genuine effort to connect with the customer’ will be seen and appreciated even by the media!
    Again, thanks a lot for filling our hearts with joy! Those innocent faces smiling at our workstations will inspire us to do our best at work! This is much more than what Swimsuit clad girls can ever manage to do…
    N. Ravi Shankar

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