Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything

I just love the title of this webpage: Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything. Whether you wanto know how to make a cup of coffee, change a tire or tie a tie, this site has got it for you.

Not only that, I mean check out the detail these nice folks have gone into…I searched for “cup of coffee”, and I got to know how to choose coffee, make a single cup of coffee, or a pot of coffe, and also how to save money by changing my morning cup of coffee. And if you feel you’ve had enough of your dose of caffine, there’s also a how to giving up coffee! )


  1. E-how sucks.

    I’m sorry.

    Is there a ‘how to pick up a cup of coffee and throw it on the smart a*** boy teaching me how to make a cup of coffee in his lamo script and patronising instructions while the coffee is still pretty hot’ video?

    *caffeine, caffeine*

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