Boy, I got Hell, and loved it. HellBoy 2 – Movie Review.

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Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Now that’s one heck of a fun movie. I don’t know if my tastes have gone awry or the world around me has changed, but there are truly few movies that I find entertaining. Yes, I’m a sucker for fan the fanatasy, sci-fi genre, but HellBoy 2 is different. Although predictable yet it’s got a captivating storyline with intense moments of emotional drama, the characters are deep, it’s got great humor, not loud, slapstic style but you’d be constantly smiling and chuckling to yourself, simply amazing sets & landscapes, the Action, Special Effects, get’s you oohing and ahing till the credits start rolling. Hell, it’s even better than the first part.

No regrets watching it and would definitely recommend it. If you guys have any movie recommendations please do let us know in the comments below. Cheers!


Dear Blog-Reader, You are so Great. You are simply Fabulous!

We really mean it. We have personally met almost each one of you on our mailing list and admire you highly for your individual talents and skills. You matter. You really do. And knowing you, We’re sure you’ll really love this short 16 minute movie called Validation:

If the film doesn’t play above, click here to watch this from Spiritual Cinema Circle website (of which we’re members and where we first learnt about this fabulous short film).

Award winning Animated Short on how entwined our lives are with Fate.

Me meeting my wife had involved a large number of coincidences to occur. A story that I will share someday. But that’s nothing compared to how my parents met and got married. Their marriage took place just within a day of their meeting! Imagine that. Well, that’s another story that I may share some other day.

Anyway, the narrator of The Danish Poet intriguingly begins by saying, “our chance to be born hinges on our parents meeting.” If you think about it, the meeting of our parents is dependent on a whole lot of circumstances that is not within our control. Hence we can’t be responsible for our parents. Therefore we can’t be responsible for the inherited charateristics that we have. So we shouldn’t be punished for mistakes that we do. Why? because they happened due to environmental circumstances (beyond our control) and because of our decision which has been heavily influenced by our genes & upbringing (again beyond our control).

Anyway, don’t bother your head with that and just Watch this beautiful animated short. It will make you smile, it will make you sniffle, it will make you almost jump from your seat to scream at your computer screen saying, “oh c’mon they were almost so close.” Have I given too much away. I think not. It’s only 15 minutes long, you can click here to view part 1 of The Danish Poet and once you’re done with that, you can click here to watch part 2. Enjoy and please do share your comments below. [wp_youtube]C3aZS9EyN94[/wp_youtube] Click here to Subscribe to Arif & Ali Blog for productivity tips, thought-provoking ideas, spiritual ponderings and occassional dose of fun.