Sufi Comics: The Wise Fool of Baghdad (New Book)

We’re working a new Sufi Comics book in collaboration with Artist friend Rahil Mohsin & Calligraphy Master Muqtar Ahmed. It’s called “The Wise Fool of Baghdad”. Inshallah It’s going to be a beautiful book & very rich in color! Look out for previews and photographs!

4 Responses to “Sufi Comics: The Wise Fool of Baghdad (New Book)”

  1. Irving says:

    Alhamdulillah! I look forward to seeing it :) Much success on your wonderful venture :)

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Mohammed Ali says:

    Thank you Br Irving, looking for to the sequel of your Novel! :)

  3. Zahra says:

    I appreciate your new endeavor. Hazret Behlool is most famously known for his quick wittiness and humour. However, not much emphasis is placed on the huge sacrifice that he made for his Imam. How his heart broke at having his hands tied because of the tyrant government. And how much his heart craved to overtly support the Ahlul Bayt and his Imam. His supreme intelligence and level of ma’refat, and finally, the great sacrifice he made of acting like a mad man riding on a broom to propagate the teachings of AhlulBayt.
    It’s fascinating how Imam Musa al Kadhim only said the alphabet “Jeem” in response to how to deal with the tyrant government, and Hazret Behlool interpreted that to be “Junoon” (Madness)!

  4. You guys have done what I always wanted to do. But you have done it more wisely and beautifully…
    I love you work..
    Please do keep it up..
    I wish you very good luck in it..
    And though I am not that good in anything…
    But if you need any kind-a-help…
    Feel free to ask…
    I will love to assist you anyway possible..

    Once again…
    Very good luck and keep it up…

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